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Re-Published Editions of Rare Books on the Zulu War Period

A new collection of republished books faithfully reproduced from the original editions all produced in a standard A5 books size with light green buckram cloth covering to these hard bound editions. Titling on the spine and the Zulu shield design on the book front cover are in gold leaf.

These books are for the true enthusiast, researcher and collector, they contain a wealth of material which is invaluable in its treatment of the subject and its perspective in the period of its first publication. Many written by Officers who took part in the campaign.

Re-Published Editions of Rare Books on the Zulu War Period
The Story of the Zulu War Campaign By Major Ashe (1st K.D.G.) and Capt. The Hon. E.V.Wyatt Edgell (17th L) pub 1880 with xv, 408pp .810gms

History of the Zulu War and its Origin by Frances E.Colenso pub 1880 with viii, 492 pp

A Sketch of the Kafir and Zulu Wars, Guadana to Isandhlwana by Capt. H.H.Parr, pub 188 with 282pp, maps . 530gms

Campaigning in South Africa, Reminiscences of an Officer in 1879 by Capt. W.E.Montague, late 94th Foot. Pub 1880, with viii, 368pp. 640gms

The Naval Brigade in South Africa during the years 1877-79 by Fleet-Surgeon H.F.Norbury C.B, R.N., pub 1880 with xii, 307pp, engraving . 510gms.

Campaigning in South Africa and Egypt by Major General W.C.F. Molyneux, ex ADC to Lord Chelmsford, originally published1896, this new edition with an introduction by Ian Knight, with viii, 287pp,Maps & an addition of 14 engravings. 800gms

History of the Zulu War by A.Wilmot, F.R.G.S., pub 1880 with viii, 249pp maps, photo of Prince Imperial. 510gms.

In Zululand with the British throughout the war of 1879 by Charles L.Norrie-Newman, pub 1880 with xv, 343pp, 8 maps, 2 photos. 690gms.

With the Irregulars in the Transvaal and Zululand by W.H.Tomasson, late Adjutant of Irregular Cav. Pub 1881 with iv, 234pp. 480gms.

My Command in South Africa 1874-78 by Gen. Sir. A.T. Cunynghame G.C.B., pub 1879 with xx, 376pp, maps. 670gms.

Kafirland: A Ten Months Campaign by F.N.Streatfield, pub 1879 with xii, 320pp, engraving. 600gms.

Cetshwayo’s Dutchman by Cornelius Vijn (translated from the Dutch by The Right Rev. J.W.Colenso, pub 1880 with xvii, 196pp, and engraving of Cetshwayo. 440gms.

A Soldiers Life & Work in South Africa 1872-79 by Col. A.W.Durnford R.E., pub 1882 with xiii, 406pp, photograph, coloured map. 720gms

Running the Gauntlet (Memoirs of Adventure) by George Mossop, pub 1937, ix, 314pp, .590gms

Zululand and Cetewayo by Capt. Ludlow, pub 1882, v, 219pp, 28 original drawings. 500gms.

Alone Among the Zulus by “A Plain Woman” pub 1880, ii, 184pp, 3 engravings. 420gms.

British Rule in South Africa by W.C. Holden pub 1879,vii, 218pp, 6 engravings, 2 maps, 470gms.

The Glamour and Tragedy of the Zulu War. By 1936, xxii, 348pp, 16 B & W photos. 670gms.

Lord Chelmsford and The Zulu War. By Maj. The xvii, 436pp, 8 B & W photos, 7 maps, 770gms

A Lost Legionary in South Africa by Col. G.Hamilton-Browne. Pub 1912, xii, 309pp 12 ilustrations/photos. weight 610gms.

The Story of the Zulus by J.Y.Gibson. pub 1911, vi,338pp,11 photos./illustrations, with chart of Zulu genealogy. History of the Zulu people from 1687-1888. weight 650gms

All the books above cost £ 30.00 per book

The RUIN of ZULULAND By Frances Ellen Colenso. In two Volumes. Full Title being: The Ruin of Zululand, an account of British doings in Zululand since the invasion of 1879.

With B & W photo portraits of Bishop Colenso (Vol. 1) Cetshwayo ka Mpande (Vol. 2)
Vol. I has xx, 380pp in 9 chapters with 6 appendicies. Weight 670gms.
Chapter headings are: Irresponsibility of the persons designated “responsible authorities”, The final deputation, Cetshwayo in captivity, A lleged repudiation of messengers, Effect of Sir E.Wood’s visit, Disgraceful insult to Zulu chiefs, The fifth or Great Deputation, Sir H.Bulwer’s reception of Zulu appeals, Trip to Zululand abandoned by Governor.

Vol. II has xvii, 513pp in 8 chapters & an appendix. 830gms. Chapter headings are:
Grounds of ill-feeling against Cetshwayo, Cetshwayo starts for England, The Great Deputation, Report on condition of Zululand, The partition of Zululand, Cetshwayo and the small-pox, Arrival of loyal chiefs, Natal Journalists, Zibebu’s aggression.
The books are handbound A5 size with gold leaf lettering to spine & badge on front cover.
Cost 60.00 the pair. Total weight 1.5Kgs.

H.M.S.O. and other Books relating to the Zulu War.

A Narrative of the Field Operations in the Zulu War 1879 pub, 174p 10 engravings/fold out maps with text, 6 fold out maps in back of book . Bound in Red buckram. 920gms. (Example of this book shown in photograph)

Regulations for the Supply of Stores to an Army in the Field. By The Ordnance Store Department and for the Orgnization of Services in connection therein c1881. 126pp, pages of 15 drawings showing two views of each wagon. Bound in Red Buckram . 890gms.

Treatise on Military Carriages and other Manufactures of the Royal Carriage Dept. 1876 by Major W.Kemmis, with vi, 260pp, 41 engravings . Dark Blue Buckram. 1170gms

Treatise on Military Carriages and other Manufactures of the Royal Carriage Dept. 1879, with vi, 288pp, 42 scale drawings, 60 illus in text, with historical notes & sketches. 1260gms.

All the above are A4 in size, cost £ 30.00 each

Treatise on the Construction and Manufacture of Ordnance in the British Service 1877 with vii, 240pp, 17 colour engravings, Dark Blue Buckram. Cost £45.00 . 1640gms

Dress Regulations for Officers of the British Army 1874 with 85pp, 4 B & W photos of Glengarry Badges, 12 photos of Officers in the uniforms worn, A5 size . £19.00. 360gms.

A Soldiers Pocket Book for Field Service 5th Ed. by General Viscount Wolseley pub 1886,xi, 552pp, 62 engravings , A5 size . £37.50. 740gms.

Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry 1877, with xxxii, 420pp,52 engravings.A5 size, £27.50. 670gms

Rifle and Field Exercises and Musketry Instructions 1877, xvi, 230pp,24+ plates soft cover £19. 500gms

Instructions for the Armourers of Her Majesty’s Fleet 1885,iii,56pp,9 plates (fold out), soft covers, £ 19 covers Nordenfelt, Gatling, Gardner machine guns, Martini-Henry Rifle, Adam’s, Enfield pistols. 275gms.

Notes on Ammunition, Fifth Edition c1877, detailed publication on ammunition, projectiles, rockets, charges, fuses & their cases of items in use in the Z.W. 164pp over 100 B & W drawings, 18 pages of tables. 24.5 x 16 cm, soft cover. Cost £ 19. 320gms.

Handbook for the Martini-Henry Rifle. Handbook showing parts, drill, aiming,firing, bayonet, care of rifle & ammunition of this main weapon used in the Z.W. 156pp, over 30 B & W drawings. Soft Cover .Cost £ 19. 230gms.

Other Books, by private publishers

The Artillerist’s Manual and British Soldier’s Compendium 1873 by Major F.A.Griffiths. This book as well as all the Artillery information includes fortifications, attack, signalling, medical & surgical, tactics, transport, the horse, soldiers service etc. 310pp A5 size. Blue Balacrome binding material, gold leaf badge £ 25. 620gms.

The Zulu War, A detailed & Narrative account of events between Feb 1878 to Nov 1879. Intro. By I.Knight, with 135pp, 40 engravings, 16 maps, 4 Colour plates, 14 B & W photos of Officers & men on campaign etc.A4 size . £ 30. 600gms.

Uniform Regulations for Officers, Petty Officers and Seaman of the Fleet 1879. 53pp A4 size with 42 pages of FULL COLOUR PLATES. Dark Blue Buckram & Gold lettering to book spine and Royal Arms Badge on cover. Cost £ 65.00. 900gms.

The Natal Carbineers by the Rev. J.Stalker. History of the Regiment from 1855 to 1911 with account of their service in the Zulu War. 384pp A4 size, 73 B&W photos. Light Blue Buckram, Reg.Badge & spine lettering in gold leaf . Price £50. 1610gms.

Records of the 90th Regiment by Alex M.Delavoye. with roll of Officers 1795-1880. Gives details of events of the Regiments History inc. service of Officers in the Zulu War. 260pp,A5 size. Black buckram, Cost £37.50. 600gms.

Historical Records of the 24th Regiment, edited by Col. Paton, Glennin & Symons. Written by the three Officers after the Zulu War. Roll of Officers for 11 different years from 1823-1892, roll of VC recipients, Medals of Distinguished Service, Biographical note on Officers, W.O.’s, notes on uniforms & equipment, colours. With xxii, 372pp A5 size, 11 ill in text, 5 B & W photos, 6 uniform plates in colour, & additional colour plates of stand of colours carried in Z.W.. Bound in Green Buckram, scarlet label on spine with gold leaf lettering & gold Reg. Badge on cover. Cost £ 50. 710gms. (Example of this book shown in photograph)

A Brief History of The 13th (P.A.L.I.) in South Africa 1877-8-9. by Edward D.McToy. with 6 page introduction by I.Knight. 108pp, illst. Title page, two B & W photos of Reg. in S.A., list of Officers & Men Killed in S.A., Hand Bound in dark blue buckram, large Reg. Badge on front cover in gold leaf. . Rare book with eye-witness account from a Private Soldier serving in the Zulu War. Cost £17. 240gms.


A Collectors Guide to Infantry Glengarry Badges 1851-1881 by G. McWilliam. Pub. 2007. 90pp A4 size, with photos of 290 badge designs, 140 published for the first time. High quality detailed photographs. Bound in Black buckram cloth with gold leaf lettering & gold leaf Glengarry badge design on front cover. £ 30. 670gms.

Local General Orders Relating to the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 by Keith I.Smith. Taken from published orders, district orders, military notes and local newspapers all retrieved and re-written in this form. This prim source material is invaluable to the researcher. With 194pp, (27 pages of Index of Names), 50 pen & ink drawings of Officers mentioned in text, map. Cost £ 25. 500gms.

Select Documents: A Zulu War Source Book. By Keith I.Smith. This new work presents many of the most important documents written in late 1878. They represent a wide variety of sources, from official letters, court of enquiry, courts-martial & letters home from individuals. With viii, 524pp, 20 ill & maps. Hardbound with dark blue buckram, gold leaf lettering, supplied with colour dust jacket. 24.5 x 16 cm. Cost £35.

Re-Published Editions of Rare Victorian Books on the Dress & History of the British & Indian Army and other publications.

A collection of re-published books faithfully reproduced from the original editions all with their colour plates etc. as A5 or A4 size books.

These books are for the true enthusiast, researcher and collector, they contain a wealth of illustrated material on uniform, dress, service information etc, invaluable in its treatment of this subject & period as it was first published

Regimental Nicknames and Traditions of the British Army pub 1908. Each Regiment is covered with a full page of details: full heraldic Regimental Crest, Depot location, records office, battle honours, uniform colour, facings, headdress, U/D cap, Regimental March, motto, linked Regiments, special arm badge or distinction, Regimental history. With 118pp,32 Full Colour Plates some by E.Ibbetson. Price £26 .480gms

ABC of the Army. pub. 1910, this book covers just about every question anyone would have wanted to know about the army of this period, not Regiment by Regiment. But overall information like: WO’s & NCO ranks, distinctive dress, colours, arms & ammunition, types of Artillery, Corps, Royal Marines, The Indian & Colonial Army. Details of clothing, kit, headdress, rations, training, bands. Appendices include, Regimental Uniform/facings, colours, terms of service, army estimates of costs, table of strengths, cost of soldier's uniforms per type of Regiment, badges of rank etc. with 125 pp 24pages of B & W plates, 11 pen & ink drawings, 3 pages of badges, and 15 tables. Price £ 19. 310gms

Mascots and Pets of the Services, by Major T.J.Edwards, This book covers the British & Commonwealth Forces & the French Army. It being the only publication covering Military pets & mascots. Over the period of many years the facts & stories concerning both official & unofficial have been collated on this subject which makes this book of interest to the pet lover & military researcher alike. Much of this information was only known by the Regimental members themselves until Major Edwards published this book. In breaking new ground in recording of these interesting stories, the author give us the chance to discover the unique party the animal world contributed to the history of our services.
With 220pp, 60 B & W photos/illustrations. Price £ 19. 410gms

Wellingtons Funeral (Types of the Army 1852) Pub 1852, a selection of 36 photographic reproduced sections from the original continual plate of 100’s feet long showing the funeral parade. Which had a representation from every Regiment in the Army. This selection of subjects includes various personalities & Staff Officers, Mounted Bands, Cavalry Band on foot, Infantry bands, Artillery gun teams, groups of soldiers showing named Regiments, Royal Marines, E.I.C, etc. A unique collection of primary material drawings giving accurate uniform detail as seen on the day of the event. An historical record of pre Crimean Army dressed in the uniform used during this campaign. Reproduced on 6x8” colour photos hand mounted onto card pages, bound into an A4 size landscape book. Price £50. 810gms.

A series of Victorian “Toy” & General illustrated Books

Our Volunteers by Harry Payne by Col. W.W.Knollys, illustrated by Harry Payne pub 1900 by Fine Art Works in Germany. A magnificent collection of plates showing uniforms of the Victorian period. A very good selection of uniforms including group of Yeomanry Regiments, HAC, Middlesex Art. Vol., Royal Engineers Vol’s, Middlesex Cyclist Bt.,Glasgow Highlanders, London Rifle Brigade,Middlesex Rifles, With 14 Full Colour plates mounted onto cards pages with additional text pages all bound in an A4 size landscape book. Price £31. 570gms.

For Queen and Country by Col. W.W.Knollys, illustrated by Harry Payne pub 1897 by Fine Art Works in Germany. A magnificent collection of plates showing some of the most important battles of the Victorian period. A good selection of action packed battle scenes are shown including those of the Sikh War, Indian Mutiny, Crimean, China, Afghanistan, Zulu, and Egypt campaigns. With 16 Full Colour plates mounted onto cards pages with additional text pages all bound in an A4 size landscape book. Price £31. 560gms.

Des English Armee pub 1891. Published in Leipzig .This publications of text & colour plates are in German. The text is produced in a booklet of 40pages giving details of Districts, Regimental strengths, badges etc. all in German. The illustrations are of two types the Regimental details which show in square block form the Full dress uniform, then above a full dress headdress and undress headdress for General's, Staff, ALL Regiments & corps. Over 120 such detailed illustrations. Then the Uniform plates which show groups of up to 8 full length figures of General Staff & HHC, Heavy Cavalry & Hussars. Lancers & RHA, Artillery & Engineers, Guards, Inf. Of the Line, Fusiliers & Scottish, Rifles. These colour plates are mounted` on card & bound into and A5 size book. £25 the pair. 310gms

My Big Book of Soldiers by Stewart, pub 1900. An illustrated account of the various nations’ military dress in the late 1890’s. With nine illustrations of UK forces, New South Wales Lancers, Indian Troops, R.N with Naval Gun, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Russian, US, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish Troops.. 21 Full Colour pates mounted` on card pages and bound into an A5 size book. £ 25. 310gms.

Life in the Army by R.Simkin Pub 1890. An illustrated study taken from the events witnessed by the artist & author on his many visits to Aldershot and other Military camps. The subject matter is both wide & varied. It is full of interesting events and views of soldiers in all various forms of dress, full dress, stable dress, on field day, marching etc. All showing life in the Victorian Army in the 1880’s & 90’s. As with all woks by this artist the uniform detail is very accurate. With 22 colour plates mounted onto A5 card pages bound into an A5 size book. £ 25. 300gms

On Active Service by Capt.Lloyd (24th Foot.)., pub 1879 During his service in the Zulu War the author made sketches & illustrations showing the events on campaign, the effects on both man & uniforms of these hard times and the native customs and dress. This is a first hand illustrated account of this important campaign never re-published before. Capt. Lloyd was commissioned in 1878 into 1st Bt. 24th Foot. Saw service with “D” Coy. And was present at the Battle of Ulundi .With 22 full Colour plates mounted onto card pages and bound into an A5 size book £ 25. 380gms

The Leaguer of Ladysmith, by Capt. Clive Dixon (16th Lancers) pub 1905. An amazing publication illustrated by a serving Officer at the Siege of Ladysmith. The illustrations show all forms of activity, different dress, unusual events, with the Boer activity & uniform, many subjects are humours and not mentioned in any other publication. 19 colour plates mounted onto card pages made into an A5 size landscape sized book. £ 25. 280gms

Army and Navy Drolleries by. Major Seccombe. Pub 1873, this charming and unusual publication shows caricatures of various types of the Navy & Army of the Victorian period. The alphabet is reproduced by a different Regiment or Rank. Each colour plate shows very accurately the uniform detail of the subject not normally associated with such a light hearted view of the services. Each colour plates is mounted onto an A5 size card page & produced in book form. Price £25. 350gms.

Military Misreadings of Shakspere by Major Seccombe pub 1890. Following on from his early success of “Navy & Army Drolleries” the author has enlarged the singe figure illustration to complete scenes. Whilst the subjects may be humours, the detail of equipment, accoutrements, uniforms and portrayed with such feeling and detailed treatment based upon his own observations of actual life. The subjects include females in period dress, camp scenes, barrack areas, domestic & court rooms . These illustrations show a fascinating insight into the life & times of the Victorian Army. 26 colour plates mounted onto A5 size card pages. Price £25. 340gms


The War in Egypt by R.Simkin, pub 1890, One of the first major commissions for book illustrations for the artist, it shows the action of battles, types of troops, naval crews & ships, etc ,taken from papers of the time and eye-witness accounts and draw from life as he saw the troops making preparations for embarkment from Aldershot when he lived there. This work showed his still individual work as it was then unlike the later period when it became mass produced. Good uniform & equipment detail. With 44 pages of text and 16 Full Colour plates bound together, this publication is produced the same size as the original, all hand bound to give the completed book of a size just smaller than A4 size. £25. .410gms

Scottish Pipers by Capt. E.A.Campbell (1879-1951), A collection of 26 colour plates showing the various Uniform and pipe banners of Scottish Regiments. He was one of the finest artists of British Army subjects, Edmund A. Campbell has a very natural illustrating style and outstanding knowledge of the subject which shows in the detail of the finished subject .With 26 Full Colour plates mounted onto card pages with additional B & W pages all bound in an A5 size book. Price £25. 560gms.

Sketchers on service India Camp. 1897 by Major Hobday B.A. pub in 1898
The Malakand Campaign of 1897. Due to the uprising in the Swat Valley by the Mad Mullah, Maj. Gen Blood was sent with the Malakand Field Force to suppress this. During which after initial victories the tribes swept down from Swat into the Khyber Pass and isolated the fort and garrisons. This meant the Pass being lost from British hand from August, this was the blackest day in Frontier history.
Major Hobday was a Staff Officer and spent much of his off duty time illustrating this campaign. Here is the result of his work in book form. With 57 full page engravings from his original drawings, and 14 photographic portraits of the Commanding Officers & their staff. This book has 160pp, A5 size book, £25. 310gms.

Sketches of Life in India by Capt Lloyd (24th Foot) pub 1890. This book is a collection of 18 detailed Full Colour Plates showing the daily life in India at the end of the 1800’s. The subjects covered are many and varied both Military & civilian. This book follows on from his previous book “On Active Service”. 18 Colour plates mounted onto card pages A4 size.
£17. 300gms.

Her Majesty’s Indian & Colonial Forces. By Walter Richards, illustrated by H.Bunnett. pub 1896, This is the third Volume in the series of “Her Majesty’s Army” , the first two covering the British Army. This is the first book to cover every Indian Army giving their forma titles, Battle Honours, and as much information as was then known. All the other colonial armies are then covered in detail. Chapters include: West Indian Regiment, Bengal Cavalry, Artillery & Infantry, Madras Cavalry, Artillery & Infantry, Bombay Cavalry, Artillery & Engineers & Infantry, Military Forces of Canada, Red River Campaign, North West Rebellion, South African Forces, Cape Mounted` Rifles, Australasian Forces, New South Wales Forces, Tasmanian Forces, various Colonial Corps, Knights of Malta, Military History of Malta. Book is A4 size, 376pp, 16 Full Colour Plates. Price £40. 1330gms.

The Martial Races of India. By Lt.Gen.Sir G.McMunn.This is a companion book to “The Armies of India” The author has attempted to go into detail of the story of the Classes, types of the Rajput, Turk, Afghan, Shikh, Mahratta & Mogul in the way the ordinary reader will understand.. with a vast breath of material covering : The Martial Casts & Races, Early Warriors of India, The Neo-Rajput Kingdom, Warriors & people of Islam, Sacca of Chitoor & other Rajput sagas, The Mahratta Story, The Story of the Sikhs, The Armies of John Company, The Gurkha Story, How The Bengal Army Mutinied, etc. The book has 368pp, 25 B & W photos/illustrations, 8 Full Colour Plates.Price £25. 670gms

India’s Army by Major D. Jackson pub 1940. This is the ultimate book of facts, figures, dates,& Regimental lineage. It contains a “potted history” of every Regiment & Corps (including the auxiliary & princely state forces). The tabular information showing each Regiment’s amalgamations, re-organisations and changes of title are particularly useful. There is a Regimental badge & full battle honour for each Regiment. With 70 chapters, over 100 B & W photos & illustrations, 14 FULL Colour plates. Produced the original size & form (smaller than A5) but in three parts all bound in matching light brown buckram material with a slip case for them to fit into. Price £42. 760grms

Standing Orders of the Royal Regiment of Artillery 1876. A Regimental “Rule Book” of all the Ranks with their various responsibilities & duties, with examples of various paper forms used by the Regiment . Detail of Kit Inspections with layout of equipment on bed & packed up, illustrations of Gunner in Full Dress showing how equipment worn. A5 size 94pp, 7 illustrations .Bound in blue buckram with large Regimental Badges design on cover & lettering on spine in gold leaf. £ 17. 280gms.

Field Service Pocket Book 1932 Pub. 1932 This Officers handbook gives all the various information for soldiering of that pre WWII period. Covering Organization, Orders, movements of troops, Field Engineering, Accommodation, movement by sea, air, & rail, Weapons & equipment, Supply & replenishment of material, medical services, remount & veterinary services, discipline .With 266pp A5 size, 38 plates .Soft cover. £ 21. 410gms

Basic Field Manual Soldiers Handbook (US) 1941 An equivalent to the British Field Service Pocket Book but for other ranks, this gives a full and extensive information for the US soldier’s trade of WWII. With a detailed contents of : Military discipline, Insignia, Organization, Clothing, Arms & Equipment, School of the Soldier with & without arms, Squad & Platoon Drill, Guard Duty, Camps & Bivouacs, Compass & Maps, Security & Protection, First Aid, Ration, Pay, Changes for 1942(into WWII).264pp A5 size, 92 B & W photos. Soft cover. £21. 360gms

Trench Warfare (The effect of spade-power in modern battles) by Edmund Dane. Pub in 1915 How to construct, their use & how their evolution is changing warfare. With life in the trenches, German barrier to the west and many more subjects covered. With 64pp A5 size, 8 illustrations/maps and 17 B & W photos of British, French, Belgian, Russian & German Trenches. Soft covers . £19. 150gms.

Modern Book

Roll of the Imperial Yeomanry, Scottish Horse and Lovats Scouts, 2nd Boer War 1899-1902. Compiled by Keith Asplin.
Being an alphabetical list of 39,860 men of these Volunteer Forces who enlisted for the 2nd Boer War. Listing Regimental details, clasps to Queens South Africa medal and casualty status. This 2nd Edition with corrections is produced as a hard bound book of over 600 pages A4 size, bound in maroon coloured buckram cloth with gold leaf lettering on the spine and large I.Y. badge on front cover. Price £85. 2Kg+

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