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12th January 2005Martini - Henry Cartridge wrappers markings
Started by Carl Daeche
Dear All, My research on govt markings for cartridge wrappers and ammo boxes continues. I have seen two markings recently and wonder if anyone can... (click to view)
14th June 2004Ammunition Boxes
Started by Alex Rossiter
Sorry to be a pain as i know there has been quite a few ammo boxes threads in the past, but , im going to try and make a zulu war ammo box model in a ... (click to view)
Latest Post: 26th June 2004
8th April 2004Various questions
Started by James Prime
I have chosen the Zulu War as the topic for my A Level assignment and have a few questions on different aspects of the war that perhaps someone could ... (click to view)
Latest Post: 9th April 2004
12th January 2004Reproduction Ammunition Boxes
Started by Carl Daeche
Some of you may remember an entry I made some five months ago regarding the reproduction of the overseas ammo boxes from the Zulu War. May I thank th... (click to view)
Latest Post: 14th January 2004
15th September 2003Mark V Ammunition boxes
Started by Carl Daeche
I have just returned from the Military Odyssey in Detling and enjoyed the displays of both the 'diehards' and the 1879 group. I did notice however a ... (click to view)
Latest Post: 28th September 2003
19th August 2003A Personal Thankyou to All at
Started by George Hulmes
Hiya You may not remember me, but late last year I came onto and these message forums in search of evience and information for my... (click to view)
Latest Post: 21st August 2003
19th July 2002Ammunition box labels
Started by Chris Tapster
I'm making up repro 450/770 ammunition boxes as used in the Zulu War but don't have details of the size or wording of the labels on the wooden boxes a... (click to view)
Latest Post: 21st July 2002
15th July 2002A-Level Project on Isandhlwana
Started by George Hulmes
Hi, I'm a student at St. Brendans Sixth Form College down in Bristol, and am currently starting my A2 course (second year) in A-Level history. One of... (click to view)
Latest Post: 18th June 2005
28th June 2002zulu dawn
Started by g sheridan
in the film zulu dawn the quartermaster is seen as refusing to rush the handing out of ammunition due to having to unscrew the ammunition boxes. this... (click to view)
Latest Post: 11th April 2005
18th March 2002Ammunition Boxes
Started by John Young
The subject of ammunition boxes has against reared its ugly head within the forum debate. So I decided to do some further research into the subject. ... (click to view)
Latest Post: 28th March 2002