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4th January 2005pearce (Medal)
By Melanie
Do you know, who has your grandfathers medal?
4th January 2005Melanie
(Once again i made a mistake.)
Jones (Medal)
4th January 2005Martin Everett
Dear Melanie,
Pte Robert Jones's VC and campaign medal is held by a known private collector. The campaign medal for Pte Jobbins is held at Brecon.
5th January 2005Melanie
Martin Everett
I have found on the internet, a copy of an Magazine, With a interview with the Private Collector of Private Robert Jones V.C award.
It also has his name, that's why i asked Pearce if he knows who has the medal.
5th January 2005Phil Pearce
Dear Melanie,
My Great grandfathers V.C is in the hands of Michael Ashcroft , a well known collector. I was lucky enough to be at the auction when his representative purchased it. I & other family members were also permitted to hold the V.C prior to it's sale.
Since buying the V.C Lord Ashroft did kindly loan the medal ( & campaign medal both beautifully framed ) out to a dinner dance that was held here in South Wales earlier last year to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Rorkes. There is a very nice photo from the Abergavenny Chronical of this event posted somewhere on the net. The photo is of a relative of mine holding the framed awards.
Best wishes
if you call me Philip in the private E.mail you sent me about the above why do you call me Pearce in the above postings ? All my friends call me Phil & I invite you to do the same. Like to think we are all mates on this site. Even if we do disagree at times.
5th January 2005Phil Pearce
For anyone interested just type Abergavenny Chronical & V.C into your search engine then click onto the item mentioning Glascoed.