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6th January 2005ZULU & ZULU DAWN
Well Gents anyone out there to beat me ?I was unfortunate to be in hosp just prior to xmas and managed to watch Zulu Dawn on TV.on release the day prior to xmas eve I was delighted to discover Zulu was to be shown on TV over the xmas holidays also so I saw it on 2 occasions and again on ITV 1and ITV3 to finish off I watched both again on my DVD'S .just the job.
what better way to spend xmas
6th January 2005Rich
Clive..just interested what kind of screen did you see it on? You know the film now is 40 years on. When we saw it then on the gigantic movie screen it was a treat. Now today while we may not be able to see it in the movie house we've got dvd and the ability to now see it in our homes with say a screen size of 102 inches if Samsung has its way. Thanks to Cy and his cinematographer it looks like we're really going to keep on enjoying viewing the film.
6th January 2005Ian P
Hi Clive
The only things worth watching over Xmas and New Year i had watched both the week before i have the Video with Zulu in wide screen better panoramic view keep watching friend
8th January 2005Arthur Bainbridge
Hope your on he mend, i always watch the movies near the anniversary of the battle.Ihate watching movies on ITVall the adverts or worse the news in the middle of it.DVDS are a great way to watch the movie i enjoyed the commentry too and would love even more extras.Best wishes for the future Clive
8th January 2005Chris
I have ZULU on DVD from four different release companies around the world, and I think there are a couple more I can get. Why? Because all have extra little features different to the others :) Also bought The Zulu Wars recently on DVD too. On video I have many specialist Zulu War tapes. Zulu Dawn on DVD I find a bit 'grainy'. (I also saw ZULU three times over Christmas) :)
9th January 2005Michael Boyle

I have six of the eight versions of Zulu on DVD available in the States four of which are marked 'region-none' meaning they are playable anywhere. However I have yet to find a single DVD of Zulu Dawn. Would any of the ZD DVDs available 'over there' be unencoded?


10th January 2005Sheldon Hall
I'd be interested to know what extra features are available in other DVD editions (bar the UK Region 2 one). ZULU DAWN has been released twice on DVD in the UK by Mosaic, initially in a 1.78:1 transfer with mono sound (it should be 2.35:1 and in stereo) and subsequently, I'm told, in a 1.33:1 format. Both apparently have the same extras: about half a dozen images in a picture gallery. Neither is worth the effort of seeking out, so I suggest waiting until a proper edition is available (though I've no idea when that might be). On the other hand, Mosaic did once release a VHS (PAL) boxed set with a widescreen video (not sure what aspect ratio) and a reprint of the script, so that might be worth acquiring instead.

Many thanks for your kind remarks on the audio commentary. I declined to watch the ITV broadcasts over Christmas (I too hate the interruptions for ad breaks, arbitrary cuts for the time slot and panning and scanning of widescreen images), but I did see ZULU twice at the cinema last year!

10th January 2005Rich

What's the holdup on "Zulu Dawn" for Region 1? Don't tell me..rights stuff, eh?
11th January 2005Michael Boyle
As for those available in the States a few have extra publicity shots and two have only truncated biographies alas no commentary tracks or in depth interviews!(Although when it airs on "History Channel" or "AMC" they often include a "panel of experts" who do their best to uphold the traditions of 'urban legends'). Judging by the fact there are so many different versions here one would think the film has fallen into the public domain allowing someone to perhaps produce the "definitive" version?

I can find no earthly reason why Zulu Dawn has failed to make the region one cut given the vast amount of drivel that has! My poor old bargain bin VHS copy requires more and more recollection and imagination every time I re-view it and that time is again rapidly approaching.


11th January 2005Sheldon Hall
ZULU did fall into the public domain for a while owing to a loophole in US copyright law; the law has since changed, allowing PD works to be re-copyrighted by their proper owners. This has happened in the case of ZULU, US rights to which are owned by Studio Canal Plus and leased to MGM/UA for video distribution. MGM/UA has been rigorously pursuing and prosecuting unauthorised editions. The only current official, legal Region 1 DVD edition is the MGM/UA one (bare bones except for a trailer, mono sound compared to Paramount's Region 2/4 stereo track).

The rights problem with ZULU DAWN is more complicated. They passed through the hands of various companies before the film was even released in the US (which it was belatedly, in a truncated version, in 1982). The distributor subsequently went bust and the negative material was seized as assets by the creditors, who presumably still hold the rights in lieu of payment. One of the producers is currently pursuing the matter, trying to reclaim both the rights and the negatives to allow the material to be restored and the film re-released in some form. Although the film has been seen widely on US television, it has never received a proper theatrical release there in its full version.