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17th January 2005The Psalms
By Tony Jones
In the film Zulu Colour Sergeant Bourne,when in the hospital with Witt,discusses and relates part of a Psalm 'He breaketh the bow and snappeth the spear asunder.'Does anyone know what number this Psalm is in the Bible,as i find it's inclusion in the film very interesting.Thanks
17th January 2005Alan Critchley
Tony, I think it's 46.

17th January 2005Julian whybra
Correct. Verse 46, lines 9-11(with words left out) to be precise.
17th January 2005Tony Jones
Cheers Chaps,
it is indeed Psalm 46.The psalm gets a second mention in the film where 'The Lord of hosts is with us ' line is used.This is intelligent use of artistic licence,i feel,irregardless of whether anyone said the psalm or not,much better than some of the liberties excercised in the making of the film.
19th January 2005Mark
If I may state an opinion...
This is a film I find hard to admire due to its laughable departure from the truth. However, the use of the Psalm prior to battle is truly an inspired piece of dramatic writing.