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18th January 2005Who led the sortie for the watercart?
By Andrew Holliday
Was it Chard or Bromhead who led the sortie for the watercart. Adrian Greaves book 'Rorke's Drift' says that it was Chard. Ian Knight's 'Rorke's Drift 1879, Pinned Like Rats in a Hole' says that it was Bromhead.

So who was it??
18th January 2005Paul Cubbin
I'm an Ian Knight kinda guy, he seems to be right most of the time. Besides, to me it doesn't make a lot of sense for the commander to lead a hazardous sortie like this when there were plenty of other men available to do the job.
18th January 2005Chris
Personally, I hold Ian Knight in very high regard. I consider him an oracle on the AZW
: )
19th January 2005Mike Snook
It was Bromhead.


19th January 2005Mike Snook
PS. And for interest, if you don't already know, Hook went too.
19th January 2005Julian whybra
It was definitely Bromhead.
19th January 2005Julian whybra
Apologies, mike, we must have been on-line at almost the same time.
20th January 2005Lee Stevenson

Can you confirm your source for saying it was Bromhead ?
22nd January 2005Mike Snook

I didn't have to think about the answer (having just attributed it to Brom in my second book which has gone to the publisher this week - (phew, thank Goodness!). But surely the source I have based it on, is tucked into your excellent reference book somewhere. Most of them are. I'm out in the country at the moment and away from my notes. I'll track it down when I get back to base camp and have a spare moment or two.
Julian will almost certainly know off the top of his head and will reply when he sees your post.

24th January 2005Lee Stevenson

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes I would be most interested to learn the source if you, and or Julian, can find it. There are a couple of references, (G. Smith in 1879 and later Dunne), to the water cart being filled and brought into the 'enclosure' before the attack, but Hook appears to be the only one who mentions the particular incident in question.
27th January 2005Mike Snook

Found Hook. Didn't find Bromhead where I expected to find him, even though I remain convinced I have seen a confimratory source. You've got me worried now! Wait out.