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19th January 2005annaversrey
By kieran
as u may no its coming up to jan 22 which is the day that all this happend i say we all have a 1 min silence to remeber them all so plz post on your thought about this
19th January 2005Glenn Wade
I always have done Kieran. May they rest in peace, Zulu and White.
19th January 2005kieran
yes may they rest in peace they fought brave and deserve it both of them
19th January 2005Coll

I never thought the events and participants of 126 years ago would have affected my life so much that the quest for more knowledge of every aspect of the Anglo-Zulu War 1879 will be with me always.

May the fallen live on through us and future generations.

1 minute silence ?

Definitely !

19th January 2005kieran
yes let it live on in us 1 min silence
20th January 2005Andy Lee

Well said - lets hope one day we can find all the defenders who are in un-marked grave plots around the country and have fitting memorials to them. I'm certainly trying my best with the two here in Birmingham.

All the best

21st January 2005Barry Iacoppi
Here in N.Z. we get the 22nd long befor any of you. I 'll give my minute of silence and my thoughts.