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21st January 2005m h ammo box markings
By kevin warren
Apart from for natal on the side what are the other markings.
I've seen a box on a documentry but could not quite make out markings.
Is this correct:-
C G S or C 6 9
22,11,78 22,11,7s
R.F.C 2
What do these mean, are there any other markings and what markings would the 24th have had.
Thanks for any help, Kevin
21st January 2005Adrian Whiting

Boxes carreid a stencilled "C I O", for "Central Issuing Office", and a date. I expect the number series you mention above are the date "22nd November 1878" .

The boxes were also stencilled with the type of gunpowder in the cartridge cases within. For the MHR this was "RFG2", manufactured at Waltham Abbey Mills. This designation described the grain of the powder.

The boxes were also stencilled with their gross weight when full, for carriage purposes.

The contents label, indicating 600 rounds contained, was palced on the sliding lid section. A small round "WD Explosive" label was let into the wood across the union of the sliding lid and the fixed lid sections, such that it had to be torn when the box was opened.

I can provide pics off forum if you e-mail me.