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21st January 2005European mercenaries on the Zulu side ?
By Coll
Are there any accounts of british forces encountering europeans fighting alongside the Zulus, either ex-soldiers from previous wars, or adventurers, hoping to gain payment in land, gold or even diamonds from their employers, in the notion that the british would eventually be defeated or 'change their minds' after the disaster at Isandlwana ?.
21st January 2005Paul Cubbin
There was some question over the involvement of the Portugese; talk of 'advisors' being entertained at Ceteswayo's kraal, although what the extent of their involvement was is a little hazy. They may have simply been traders.
21st January 2005Coll

Thanks for your reply.

In conflicts all through time mercenaries seem to appear, using previously acquired military knowledge as a way to get their hands on rich rewards, mostly financial.

I wonder how the british would have reacted on finding one or more of these individuals, do you think the punishment would have been instant or would they have been treated as prisoners of war, considering the raw feeling amongst british soldiers with the loss of so many men at Isandlwana ?.

21st January 2005John Young

There were rumours of Europeans amongst the Zulu ranks at Isandlwana. A certain Mr. Calverley did himself no favours when Prince Hamu kaNzibe's people turned coat. He rode into Wood's camp riding one of Nevill Coghill's horses obviously taken at Isandlwana, not a shrewd thing to do, adding to the rumours.

Mr. Calverley met his death at Hlobane fighting on the British side.

John Y.
21st January 2005Coll

Thankyou for this information.

Very interesting.