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21st January 2005Martini Henry
By Michael Lovell
Has anyone got some original Martini Henry accessories to go with my Zulu war collection. Look forward to hearing from you.
21st January 2005Graeme Cole
I have a small selection of original accessories for sale, leather black slings, armourers tools, sight covers, jags, oil bottles and a few deactivated Mk3 Cartridges. E mail me direct and Ill tell you my prices. I have a limited number so dont be dissapointed theyre pretty rare now. Regards Graeme
23rd January 2005Bill Moyers
You might check with IMA in the US. They are one of the partners in the Nepal arms deal. They are, of course, selling Martini-Henrys and are also selling accessories. I bought an oil bottle, combination tool, sling, bayonet and brass muzzle cover from them for my 1875 Martini. The muzzle cover and bayonet are British Enfield marked, but the oil bottle and combo tool are reportedly made by the "trade", though of military pattern. The sling was also of the British P1871 pattern but black and with Nepalese marks. It still looks great on the rifle. Atlanta Cutlery offers the cleaning jags for the Martini in two patterns--also from Nepal, though I understand they are original British Military. As for repros, you might try "British Military Equipments" in Arizona, USA. They make a very nice repro oil bottle with correct marks as well as a real buff leather P1871 sling. All of these accessories were nearly impossible to find here in the US before the Nepalese items were brought in. I suppose once they are sold out, the prices will go up to their previously high levels, if you can find them.
23rd January 2005Chris Tapster
Give Firepower International a ring on 01883 742 996. They have (or had) oil bottles, muzzle covers and combination tools.