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26th January 2005Email Block
By Paul Cubbin
Alan - might I suggest putting an email block on the address the below ads are coming from? Looks like they're just gonna keep coming otherwise.
27th January 2005Peter Critchley
Hi Paul,

As it stands, I can edit the database directly, and it's not too much hassle to do so, but if we see any more I think we will put an email block on that specific address..

All the best,

29th January 2005Michael Boyle

The lastest tool in the spammers' box seems to be a 'Bot' that searches for and exploits 'open' forums,no human input required. However if it recieves no 'hits' ,'having writ moves on'. Not sure if a block is as good as a hit but hopefully none of the readers here (either dedicated or casual) would even think of responding to spam!


31st January 2005Dave Nolan
I don't understand what the problem is - I bought some of their products as they were advertised on this site and they have made a real difference to my stature and love life!
Dave ;)