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30th January 2005To lighten Martin's day
By Julian Whybra
I was in Liverpool this weekend and took time off to visit the King's Regt Museum. Whilst standing in front of a display clearly-labelled 'Boer War 1899-1902' I overheard a couple next to me say:
WIFE: "What's this then?"
HUSBAND (similar to Ricky Tomlinson): " Oh, this is when the Zulus fought the British. They beat us at Mafeking (waves finger at map) and that's how they got the guns to attack us at Rocket's Drift where this Welsh regiment held 'em off. My granddad was there."
I bit my lip, tongue, cheek and stayed silent.
30th January 2005Martin Everett
What can I say?
Perhaps, the husband had never been a boy scout.

30th January 2005Glenn Wade
Oh dear Julian. Didn't follow him around and hear how Russian tanks reduced La Haye Saint to rubble during the battle of Waterloo?
30th January 2005Greg
Who`s the welsh regiment he`s talking about?
30th January 2005Paul Cubbin
It's the Welsh longbowmen from Edinburgh, London.
31st January 2005Neil Aspinshaw
was it a scouser?, if it was, not only would he have had a family member at RD, not doubt he would have told you that he had gone to school with John Lennon!.
31st January 2005Julian whybra
He was very much a scouser. Long may he reign.
1st February 2005AMB

Great stuff!

2nd February 2005Mike McCabe
In a tourist shop in Rhodes citadel a few years ago, I overheard two English people discussing a reproduction of an icon of St George, with Dragon.
Her: I like it, but I don't think that the dragon is very good.
Him (bored): It's not really a dragon, it's just an allegory!
Her: Don't be daft. If they'd meant it to be a crocodile they'd have painted one!

3rd February 2005Rich
Woulda been nice if you went over to Anfield and had a chat with Mr. Benitez and gave him some Zulu War history. The guys in red could get a lift from the Brit spunk shown at Rorke's. I think they need it right now...;-)...
4th February 2005Peter Quantrill
And what about a history lesson on the Kop?
4th February 2005Peter Ewart
Lancs Fusiliers & Royal Lancaster losses on Spion Kop, S Africa, 24/5 Jan 1900? The lesson would no doubt be lost on Snr Benitez and the rest of his mercenary crew, Peter.

4th February 2005Paul Cubbin
Tactics at Spion Kop - if two wrongs don't make a right, try three!
4th February 2005stuart nightingale
i wonder if he was the same gentleman who i had the misfortune to follow around london zoo, and refer to raccoons as tree climbing badgers.

you couldn't script it!!