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30th January 2005B/2/24 officers question
By Chris
At Rorke's Drift, Bromhead (a Lieutenant) was the only officer from B/2/24th present. And a company was supposed to have a Captain and 2 Lieutenants, what happend to the other 2 officers, were they on detachment, not enough officer recruits so B Company was only given 1 officer, etc?
30th January 2005John Young

Captain Alfred Godwin-Austen, 'B' Co.'s captain had been wounded in the 9th Cape Frontier War, and was recovering back hone in the U.K.

This appears to have left Gonville Bromhead in charge of the company, on his own. Obviously the figures that you state are the ideal establishment figures, sadly these could not always be adhered to.

John Y.
31st January 2005Martin Everett
Dear Chris,
There were a number of companies of 24th with only one officer at the start of the campaign:
A - Porteous
G - Rainforth
A - Tongue
B - Bromhead
C - Williams
E - Logan
Not easy to find replacements when you are serving overseas.
31st January 2005Richard
Is this Captain Godwin-Austen any relation to the person after whom the second highest mountain in the world is named?
31st January 2005Martin Everett
Yes - his elder brother who was Surveyor General for India - Henry Haverham Godwin-Austin FRS, FZS, FRGS - also served in 24th Foot 1851-1863
1st February 2005Julian whybra
...and also the brother of the Godwin-austen kia at Isandhlwana