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31st January 2005ERROR
By Graham Mason
Just a quick one gents ( and ladies ) ,
When doing research you sometimes miss what is staring you right in the face , as was the case today . According to the Noble 24th it shows 1286 Pte Robinson as having his name as EDWARD , in Dr Greaves book it shows his name as Thomas which in fact it is according to his service papers , i hope this sort of error will be eliminated in future editions of such publications , thank you .
31st January 2005Julian whybra
Holme has his name correctly in The silver Wreath, the Medal Rolls and on p.171 of the Noble 24th; perhaps the entry on p. 357 was just a typo.
31st January 2005Julian whybra
As far as I'm aware Greaves simply used Norman Holme's notes and books for the section of his own book where they are reproduced - the correct forename 'Thomas' can only have come from Holme.