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4th February 2005Martini Henry bore light reflector
By Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Gentleman. I note that a number of contributors here own or have an interest in the Martini Henry rifle. Do any of you own or have a picture of a light reflector made to examine the bore of a Martini Henry as per L..O.C. para 5970 of
1-2-1890 (approved 4-11-1889.) I am doing some research on this item and would appreciate any help anyone can give.


Barry (New Zealand).
4th February 2005Barry Taylor
Is this the sort of thing you mean?

If so, yes I am in possession of one (though nothing to do with the auction I may add).


Barry (Isle of Man, not New Zealand!)
4th February 2005Adrian Whiting

Unfortunately I cannot point you to any current example of that particular bore viewer. I know Ian Skennerton has also been trying to locate one.

My expectation is that it will be a flat strip of polished steel, so very simple in design. The onlt other variation that might have been intended would have been if is was "dished" to follow the contours of the top of the block, and so reflect more light.

And since I know you put it in for me to spot - I think you will find it is LoC 5907 !

Good luck with the searching,

4th February 2005Alan Critchley
we do now have a new section for people seeking items as well as selling. See 'Marketplace' on the left.

4th February 2005Neil Aspinshaw
I got offered a bore viewer at Birmingham, he wanted £80 for it, which I tought was a trifle high. It did fit perfectly into the breech of a MKII
There was a .303" version viewer on ebay a few weeks ago.
4th February 2005Neil
there is one on ebay now,
4th February 2005Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Thank you all for your input. I'll follow it up.
Alan I was not seeking to buy or sell. I "think" I own one of these devices and I wanted to confirm what I had.