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5th February 2005'Men Of Harlech' lyrics
By Glenn Wade
Afternoon all
Can anyone please supply me with the lyrics of the version of 'Men of Harlech' that is downloadable from the multimedia section of this site?
5th February 2005Alan Critchley
all the lyrics can be found in the 'myths' section on the left. As to downloading.. uhhh?

5th February 2005Glenn Wade
Thanks Alan
I meant that it is possible to download the RRW band singing 'MOH' from this site.
5th February 2005Paul Cubbin
Glenn - if you missed it being sung before a genuine and unarguable Welsh victory today (heh heh heh heh heh) - type 'Men of Harlech' into your search engine there should be a couple of sites come up - its what I did!
6th February 2005Michael Boyle

Congrats to the Welsh! Now if only my Eagles can emulate them in our Super Bowl tomorrow (later today actually) perhaps I can share your joy. (Though our 'Fight' song pales considerably next to 'Men of Harlech'.) (Wait a minute... no, I wouldn't dare, we already copped one of your drinking songs, wouldn't do to re-word a classic!)


6th February 2005Richard
I suppose that the Welsh Rugby Union team had a higher percentage of Welshmen than the 2/24th! I prefer Football thats played with the feet.
7th February 2005Andy Lee
'Men of Harlech' followed by a Welsh victory over England in front of 74,000 in Cardiff and Katherine Jenkins singing thrown in - what else could a man wish for.

I'll be in Cardiff for the Ireland match to help celebrate the Six Nations trophy coming Home.

7th February 2005Paul Cubbin
Richard - yes, so does Danny Grewcock apparently.

Andy - lets hope Gordon Darcy and Brian O'Driscoll have longish term injuries (but not too long or painful) that keeps them out for the rest of the championship!
7th February 2005margaret mcfarlane
I have to point out that ladies were well catered for at Cardiff - Bryn Terfel, Aled Jones and the team! When they sang the anthem I couldn't see for tears and I'm sure I was one of many.
Best wishes to all, especially the exiles,
Margaret McF
7th February 2005Greg
I dont know you Welsh chaps you beat us at rugby and start thinking you`ve got the 5 nations in the bag, getting visions of granduer.Last time this happened we had to build a lot of bloody castles to keep you all in line! Now youve been warned the lot of you!And glen I`m not singing men of harlech at any 1879 group events unless I`m plied with huge amounts of falling down water.UP "THE WARICKSHIRE LADS"!The True song of the 24th
8th February 2005Andy Lee

Got to come clean mate, I was born and breed in Warwickshire but we have to share with our cross border friends and 'Men of Harlech' is far better.


Glad you enjoyed your day - would appreciate any ideas how one would get a ticket for the Ireland match.


Danny Grewcock should be stripped of his England shirt - utter disgrace.


8th February 2005Paul Cubbin
Greg - ah, the difference is, I can't remember a Welsh victory against England where we didn't play worse but somehow nicked it. This time we played better and should have won by more. Its been on the cards a while - this may just be blast-off!

Andy - oooh, I think Grewcock losing his shirt would be a little harsh, but he may have already cost himself a Lion's shirt. Does a touring side really need a player who's a dead cert to leave the pitch and cost you three points?
8th February 2005Glenn Wade
Ha ha Greg, we'll see..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read the lyrics of 'The Warwickshire Lads' and my first and only thought was ''
8th February 2005Greg King
Okay Glen Ive read the lyrics,men of Harlech sounds better.
8th February 2005Richard
Whats wrong with the lyrics to "the warwickshire lads"? A Regiment that had, Slim,Montgomery, Enoch Powell and my late father in its ranks cant be bad. And as for the lyrics to "men of harlech" dont forget the ones in the film were written especially for the film.
8th February 2005Greg
Ive only vaguely heard the music to Warickshire lads without the words Richard so I guess out of respect to your late Father and the aforementioned gentlemen I`ll get a copy. As for men of Harlech Ive heard a few versions which I prefer over the one used in the film . Next time I`m at Brecon i`ll check out the cd`s in the museum shop to see if the Warickshire lad is on any of them. Maybe I`ll get Glen singing the Warickshire lads at one of the 1879 group events, It`ll just require a glass of shandy or two!
9th February 2005Mike Snook

Careful!! It is not the same regiment. The 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment is not the regiment you are referring to.
9th February 2005Paul Cubbin
'Men of Harlech' as sung in the Milennium Stadium as the opposition team is running out -

Hark I hear the foe advancing,
Barbed Steeds are proudly prancing,
Helmets in the sunbeams glancing,
Cymru fo am byth.
From the rocks rebounding,
Let the war cry sounding,
Summon all at Cambria's call,
The haughty foe surrounding.
Men of Harlech on to glory,
See your banner famed in story,
Waves these burning words before ye,
Cymru fo am byth.

I dare you to try reading it without singing! It makes the hackles on the back of my neck stand up....of course, that could have something to do with my honeymoon on the Island of Dr Moreau.