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6th February 2005Getting to Rorkes Drift
By Neil Aspinshaw
Whilst we all haven't got bottomless wallets, It is obvious that many visitors to the site would love to visit RD and Isandlwana but are put off by the unknown.
It really is not that difficult, and within 30 mins on the web and a budget of say £900 it is possible to get there for a long weekend.
I have no financial interest in any of the following, but here's what I did for a three night stop.
Flights I did Thomas cook or Opondo, into J berg from Heathrow, flights are around £550 return. Virgin or BA. Flying overnight 9pm. ten hours.
We booked a car from Avis, £200.
We stayed at Fugitives Drift lodge or the FDL guest house which is admittedly one of the more expensive places but a veritsble goldmine of artefacts, and you can walk to Fugitives Drift and Melvill & Coghills grave. Our summer (their winter around £90 per night full board.) Many friends of mine have stayed at Isandlwana lodge too and rate it highly. see the links on the RDVC site.
The drive from Joberg is simplicity, motorway (three toll booths) and wide open roads until 20 miles from RD. with no-one on them. 41/2 hours. there are some good service stations also on the N3 and fuel is cheap.
We took our mobiles, and found excellent coverage with their network.
Once you are there it is nearly as cheap to do 4-5 nights as their is nothing to spend your cash on!.
go! enjoy... and spend the next year saving to go again... and again... and..