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9th February 2005Blind Luck
By Paul Cubbin
Quick brag. How's this for a happy windfall? My father-in-law was working in a house clearance and got hold of a couple of 'brand new' books. He wasn't interested, so he put them in a bag for me. They were The Imperial War Museum's 'Zulu War' by Ian Knight and 'Zulu' by Saul David. Guess which one I'm keeping and which one goes to my prizes. Now, if he could only find that manilla envelope stuffed with cash I've been after.....
9th February 2005Coll

Before you give the 'other' book to your brother, check to make sure the middle of all the pages haven't been cut out and the envelope stashed inside.

The idea of a 'solid' book might just be a front.

10th February 2005Paul Cubbin
My God! It contains a golden statue of a Falcon and a .38 Special. Is that Lauren Bacall lurking in my doorway...?
11th February 2005Ripcord
Guess what....I got the cash in the envelope