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10th February 2005Roll call .
By Graham Mason
Gents ,
As we all know there was a Chief Clerk at Rorkes Drift , C / Sgt Mabin . We also know that acording to legend 4 DIFFERENT lists were drawn up over the years . No one to my knowledge has mentioned if in his papers Maj Spalding had an ORIGINAL roll call drawn up . All i know about Spalding was he " vanished " after Jan 22 / 23 after coming back so close to the drift , i myself have lost him at this point and i wonder if among his effects ect there was another roll call of men ? . Like Lt Carey Maj Spalding seems to have labelled a scape goat , i agree that he should have sent Lt Bromhead to find out what was going on and as CO stayed behind , what became off Spalding after Jan 23 1879 and do we know where he is buried ? . I am convinced he knew Mabin was a Chief clerk but thinking that " nothing much is going to happen here " he omitted to consult his officers on the matter of a roll call . Spalding needs i believe his story told and i hope someone can help ? , thank you , Graham .
14th February 2005Garry
I unfortunately only know of two roll calls , they are the ones held by Lt Chard and that is in a museum somewhere i dont no which one for sure. The other roll call was that of Sgt Bourne. Not sure of the where abouts of it.