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12th February 2005John Barry
By Glenn Wade
Congratulations to composer John Barry on being awarded the Fellowship Award at the BAFTAS earlier this evening. John's work includes such films as Goldfinger, Dances with Wolves, Out of Africa, Born free and of course Zulu. I think many of us on this forum owe something to John for our interest in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. I certainly do. Can you imagine Zulu without the music?
13th February 2005Arthur Bainbridge
well said Glen the music in Zulu is very stirring and adds to the enjoyment of the film. Iknow they use it on talksport to promote Englands cricket tour of South Africa.
14th February 2005Tony Jones
Dear Glenn and Arthur,
i first saw Zulu when i was 4 years old in 1965.In my child-like enjoyment the two things that stood out was the music,which made me sit up,and focus my attention and the emblazoned Zulu caption,which reminded me of Bonanza.This is,truly great music.Hello again Glenn,i think i met you at Detling at the end of the day on the Sunday.
14th February 2005Glenn Wade
Hi Tony. Yes, we did. How's the 593 goatee coming along?
15th February 2005Tony Jones
Dear Glenn,
yes hello,i thought it was you.The goatee is still present,at the moment.The plan is one day to grow it up to 'monster proportions' like 593.I shaved it off around October only to grow it again in Jan.I will try to have it in trim for when i make my 'debut',in uniform at the end of August.If you send me a mailing address,via my private e-mail address,i'll send you a tape of Detling and some other stuff i've done.The John Barry music complemented the action in the film superbly.The psychological element that the music employs is the work of a master who understands,perfectly,the media and medium with which he is working.The skillful use of music can make or break a film.The music in the film is analogous to a skilful painter using the correct shades and brushwork to produce a masterpiece.The goldfinger music also possesses this element.I will be visiting 593's grave on Sat 19th Feb at 11am,i usually buy some flowers and say a prayer.Hope to hear from you soon.All the best.Tony.
17th February 2005Glenn Wade
Did you get my e-mail? My PC's been playing up recently so it may not have reached you.
All the best
18th February 2005Tony Jones
Dear Glenn,
nothing as yet,but it may come through eventually.Cheers.Tony.
18th February 2005David Gardner
I first saw it in 1964 age 5.What I remember is hiding under the seats when everybody was leaving with my friend.
I remember thee crowds cheering when Schiess gets going with the crutches.

We were for staying a third time when we got caught by the man with the torch!
18th February 2005Tony Jones
Dear David,
hello.Yes the Schiess 'crutch swinging' scene is one of my favorite,in addition to the Richard Davies role and the recitation of psalm 46.I must have now seen this film 100 plus times(at least).I watched it three times at Christmas,twice on ITV 3,once on ITV 1,in addition to actually owning the DVD version.The cinema i first saw it in has now been knocked down,but the memory will remain forever.Tony.
20th February 2005David Gardner
Just re read my post-what I was trying to say was that we hid under the seats at the end of the film to watch it again and again!

I think you are right, the film did leave an indeliable mark in the minds of very young boys, which can never leave.
Also, like you cinema, the one I went to is sadly long gone.
27th February 2005Tony Jones
Dear David,
i have re-read your post.Yes i can
see what you mean.Unfortunetly the cinema in Manchester that we went to turfed you out after one showing,otherwise i might have tried to see it again.When Conan The Babarian came out in 1982,featuring Arnold Schwarzenneger,me and my mate went to see the film 7 nights in a row.It was the same lady usher each night and she gave us subsequently stronger strange-looks each time we appeared to give her our tickets.That cinema was in Newquay,Corwall,where i lived at the time and is no longer there either!