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13th February 2005Post Nominal Letters
By Edward Garcia
I have two photographs in my collection that have been puzzling me for a while now and perhaps someone can help me out. One is a cabinet photograph (c. 1870’s) of Royal Horse Artillery Brigade Sergeant-Major William Garlick, and is inscribed “Brigade Sergeant-Major Garlick R.H.A. Riding Master O.M.C.”. The other photo (c. late 1860’s), a CDV, is inscribed “Sergeant W. Moriarty O.R.C. 1/25, Kings Own Borderers. Does anyone know what the “O.M.C” and O.R.C. stand for. It is possible that the three letters of Sergeant Moriarty’s name are “O.M.C.” to with the M resembling an R.

13th February 2005Martin Everett
Dear Edward,

I can tell you immediately that ORC - is Orderly Room Clerk

- normally a Sergeant within a battalion (Each company would have a clerk or storeman at the time of AZW). There was time promotion so the ORC could reach the rank of Colour Sergeant and even Quartermaster Sergeant. I would have to putting my thinking hat on for OMC (if correct) - as I am just an infanteer.
14th February 2005Edward Garcia
Thanks Martin.

At first I thought that the "O.R.C." might indicate an award of an order or decoration but when I came up blank after consulting my medals books I was at a dead end.