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13th February 2005Book Named "Battle of Rorkes Drift"
By Ron Fidler
I saw a paperback book with the abovementioned title in Thailand in 2004 in an obscure bookstore. By the time I went back to buy it it had gone. Should have bought the thing when I first saw it!!! Do not remember the name of the author but I am sure of the title of the book. Would anyone know of this book and/or the name of the author. I have done a search through Amazon and cannot find it there so I am now trying here to see if anyone is aware of the book or can point me in the right direction to go and find it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Ron
13th February 2005Michael Boyle

The closest I can come up with is that "Battle of Rorke's Drift" was the working title for the film "Zulu".Perhaps you came across a copy of the script? (That would be a bummer!)


13th February 2005Martin Everett

Might be Michael Glover's book - first published in hardback in 1975. Althought this was called 'Rorke's Drift: A Victorian Epic'.
14th February 2005Invader
Rorkes Drift - James W Bancroft
Is the closest I can come. I've been to every library in a 20 miles radious looking for any book I can find on the 22/23ed events. Perhaps or a local bookshop can help you?
14th February 2005Coll

There is a paperback by Pen & Sword Books, called - 'Battleground South Africa : Rorke's Drift. ' by Ian Knight and Ian Castle.

This is one of a series of books about different battles from various military campaigns, although Isandlwana is also covered in another book in the series, again by Ian Knight and Ian Castle.

20th February 2005Ron
To all respondees thank you very much for your feedback and I will keep looking, if I do manage to find it I will advise you via this site.
Thanks again. Ron