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17th February 2005islandlwana battlefield relics
By m mcdermott
Was recently given some relics from the battle by my father who was given them as a present by a guide in the 1960s there are some m h bullets,cartridges,buttons,a musket ball a few ammo box screws I would imagine these are quite rare any one have any idea how rare ??
17th February 2005Neil Aspinshaw
M Mc
desirability is the keyword rather than rarity. Over the years hoards of stuff has come from the battlefield, alot is dissipated to collector now.
The thread last week on this site still brings this as an emotive subject.
Like all collectables, the less you see, the more the value goes up. I made my personal stance clear, whilst I would like a selection of relics, the items I found (mainly crockery) I left for view. these thing are better for all to see.
Why not put them on loan at Brecon?
18th February 2005Invader
Does anyone happen to know how far from Bangor "Brecon" is? I am planning to go to Bangor Uni' and will make sure I pay a visit to the museum. I'll not have my car though, I hope the Welsh public transport is better than that of England!
19th February 2005Robert Jones
Banger--Brecon, a good 3.5--4.00 hrs by car, and no, the public transport in Wales is diabolical thanks to Dr. Beeching,s policies many years ago.
Success at Uni.
21st February 2005mark

i personally believe that the artifacts are not meant to be owned by a select few,but displayed for the mass public to see.

isandlawana was a british defeat/zulu victory that has a lot of meaning to quite a few people. As a south african of british descent i get the best of both worlds , and even better is the fact that the battlefields are less than 4 hours away , and in that small area there are dozens of battles to visit (the british werent that popular out here so long ago) .

there is nothing better than going to the museums and seeing all the artifacts , admiring the displays etc.

so in short, loan them to a museum , or create a small website with the images scanned in,so we can all appreciate what you have :-)

on the very,and i mean very,rare occassion a bayonet stamped "24th" will come up for sale at our yearly arms fairs (jhb , south africa) and i always wonder if thats an isandlawana relic ?