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17th February 2005Purfleet Event?
By Alan Critchley
Someone has given details of the following event in Purfleet. I am unable to confirm them at present and I am looking for further information if anyone can help. Again I should like to mention that if there are events happening, we would appreciate knowing in order to place into the 'Events' section.

ZULU WAR EXHIBITION that is on at the moment at
the PURLFEET HERITAGE AND MILITARY CENTRE, the dates are every Thursday and Sunday until 13th March\'05.. 10am - 3pm.

Alan Critchley

17th February 2005Tony Jones.
Dear Alan,
the Purfleet event,as advertized in an article in the 'Yellow Advertizer' newspaper,which is distributed around the various towns in the area,intends to 'tell the history of the Zulu and Boer wars over the next month'.Displays will include a number of artifacts from the Battle at Rorke's Drift,plus displays of uniforms,paperwork and photographs.The centre is located on Centurion Way,off Tank Hill Road,via the Circus Tavern exit from the A13.A search engine of 'Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre will bring up their website.The organizers are Alan Gosling and Richard Smith.Entrance fee is a very reasonable £2.50 for adults,£1 for children,and under fives get in free.A discount card can be purchased if you intend to visit more than four times.Their telephone number is 01708 523409 or 866764.The photgraphs in the local newspaper look sufficiently impressive to warrant a visit to the centre.Tony Jones