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18th February 2005ZULU PREMIERE, LONDON
By Leigh Tarrant
Did anyone attend this truly great occassion at the Plaza, Lower Regent Street, London in January 1964.......Do we know who actually attended that night? Was Mr Caine there? Was it rainin' ?? Can anyone enlighten me?? Many thanks.....Any photos to hand?
18th February 2005Sheldon Hall
Answers to (almost) all these questions will be available soon (with lots of pictures!) at a bookstore near you... and yes, Sir Michael was present. Not sure about the weather, though.
18th February 2005tom
I think Zulu premiered the same night as The Beatles "Hard Days Night"
It would be interesting to know who filled the most seats!
18th February 2005Sheldon Hall
No, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT came out later in the year - in July. Premieres were rarely planned to clash with one another - looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfasts...
18th February 2005Peter Weedon

What's your definition of soon?

18th February 2005Peter Ewart

I imagine Sheldon's book will probably reveal that most or all of the cast was there.

One of the big names, however, stormed out in a huff during the performance, less than satisfied with the way in which his own part had "come over", convinced that he had been hoodwinked and let down badly.

When he realised that no-one had noticed his protest, he slinked back into his seat as if he'd been to the loo! It was the only one of his films in which he looked back unhappy memories.

18th February 2005Invader
Long long before I was born!
19th February 2005Richard
One of Henry Hooks daughters attended the premiere, she stormed out in a huff at end annoyed at James Booths potrayal of her father.
21st February 2005Sheldon Hall
Peter W,
'Soon' = May or sooner!

Peter E,
Most - but not all - of the principal cast attended.

I don't think it was the World Premiere that Hook's daughter (a Mrs L. Bunting) attended but the Welsh one in Cardiff a couple of months later. She may well have walked out, but she was persuaded to return for a second viewing in Gloucester - and was photographed by the local press looking none too happy about it.

I checked the West End premiere situation around the time of ZULU's release. There were no other premieres that week, but DR STRANGELOVE opened the following week and gave ZULU its major competition at the West End box-office along with THE PINK PANTHER, which had made its debut a couple of weeks earlier.
23rd February 2005Leigh tarrant
And the weather.............???? What was that doing that particular night...As for me, I was only three, so I was probably wrapped up in bed watching 'That was the week what was' !! Cheers guys.
23rd February 2005Peter Ewart

I reckon 22nd Jan 1964 was a Tuesday - (unless Sheldon comes up with a different day!)

TW3 (not T2W4!!!)) was a Saturday night programme. You were therefore probably tucked up watching EW10.

And you thought I was only an ordinary pedant ...

24th February 2005Leigh Tarrant
Come to think of it....Think I may have been listening to the latest James Bond movie score - as my Mum loved Matt Munro and From Russia With Love!!!!
25th February 2005Sheldon Hall
22 January 1964 was actually a Wednesday (Leigh was probably a bit too young for The Wednesday Play...), but I didn't check the weather reports. Still, it was January and pre-global warming, so probably a bit nippy!

SH (aka Super-Pedant)