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20th February 2005"Zulu Dawn" DVDs any good?
By Peter D.
I know this subject has come up before on the boards, but I'm a bit confused: Are ANY of the "Zulu Dawn" DVDs worth getting (widescreen and good picture quality)? In addition to the single DVD, I've seen ads for a 2-disc set with a disc of outtakes, and another 2-disc set that includes "Ashanti." I tend to be wary of them all. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
20th February 2005Coll
I obtained the single dvd of Zulu Dawn which is all I wanted, I'm not sure about the dvd sets.

The dvd quality is okay and I enjoy watching the film, although I do have the VHS version, I did feel I wanted to update it.

I also purchased the single dvd of Zulu.

Anything more than the actual films I wasn't really interested in, but it really depends on what you are looking for yourself, with regards to the contents of the dvd sets.

20th February 2005Peter D.
Thanks for the reply. Actually, all I care about is the movie itself, also. I just wondered which of the versions out there (if any) has good picture quality and true widescreen (letterboxed) format.
20th February 2005Coll

The copy I have is widescreen and at the bottom of the spine it says Mosaic Entertainment, if that is of any help.

21st February 2005mark
Good morning

i purchased the single disk dvds for both "Zulu" and "Zul" Dawn" and i was thoroughly satisified (both available through

yes,im sure there are factual errors in both films, but they make excellent viewing and i cannot recommend them enough

i have a home theatre system, and the surround sound makes the volley firing WOW .

21st February 2005Peter D.
Thanks for the information, Coll and Mark.
21st February 2005Keith Wilkinson
Unfortunately all the widescreen DVD versions I have seen of Zulu Dawn have had their aspect ratios cropped from the original. My one from Mosaic is cropped from it's original 2.35:1 aspect ratio to 1.78:1, which is a shame.
22nd February 2005Peter D.
Thanks for the reply, Keith. Yes, I thought I had read that about the Mosaic DVD elsewhere -- and I don't suppose there's much reason to think that either of those two-disc sets would be any better.
17th March 2005Yank
Why is Zulu Dawn only on Region 2 DVDs?!?!
17th March 2005Michael Boyle

Sheldon Hall mentioned in a previous thread that it had something to do with copyright problems. I for one have decided to go ahead and buy an 'all region' or region 2 DVD player as there are many interesting DVDs available only in region 2. (Two of them available from this very site!)