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22nd February 2005Link between Lt Chard and Bishop Colenso
By Ian
Lt. John Rouse Merriott Chard part of the British force sent to quell King Cetshwayo's power and Bishop Colenso father of the [Zulu] people. Anyone know the link between the two men?
23rd February 2005Derek C
Can't think of one. Chard went there to "build a bridge". Colenso & Durnford, .... yes, I can think of one.
23rd February 2005Dave Nolan
Easy - Same monogram on their pajamas!
23rd February 2005Peter Ewart

Well, they both went to school in Plymouth. Chard also had Cornish ancestry through his paternal grandmother (Colenso also being of a Cornish family of course).

Other than that, Chard had a clerical brother (Rev Charles Edward) who, like Colenso, went up to Cambridge before ordination. (Not to be confused with his contemporary Charles Henry Chard, missionary to India & Burma, but no relation that I know of).

Probably not what you're looking for. I prefer the monogram answer!