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23rd February 2005Zulu Dawn - early production
By Bob C
I have heard that originally Zulu Dawn was planned to be made not long after Zulu, due to its success. For some reason this didnt happen. One of those in the frame to direct was apparently Quentin Lawrence, my late father-in-law who directed a number of films and TV progs. Anyone have any knowledge of this?
23rd February 2005Sheldon Hall
This is the first I've heard of Quentin Lawrence's (potential) involvement and I'd be interested to know where/how you came across this info! To the best of my knowledge ZULU DAWN was first mooted in 1973, spent several years in fruitless pre-production before Stanley Baker's death in 1976, and finally began shooting (with different personnel attached) in 1978. Until it was taken over by Douglas Hickox, direction was going to be in the hands of James Fargo.

A film version of Wilbur Smith's WHEN THE LION FEEDS (which has a scene set at Rorke's Drift), to be produced by the ZULU team, was announced in 1964 (the year the book and ZULU came out) but was finally abandoned a couple of years later, along with several other projects Baker, Cy Endfield, John Prebble and Joseph E. Levine were planning. Perhaps Mr Lawrence was to be involved in one of these?
23rd February 2005Bob C
Info came from my ex wife, his daughter. It is clear that often such films were often informally planned/discussed and names of production staff and actors were first mooted. Perhaps it never got past this stage. Quentin Lawrence was involved in many TV productions during the 60s and 70s, plus numerous minor films so his name was certainly well known.