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27th February 2005The Buzzler?
By Martin Everett
I have come across a sketch of a 24th Regt soldier - on campaign - by Lt W W Lloyd 1/24th which has the caption:

The Buzzler - Wouldn't do for Aldershot

Obviously a reference to the bedraggled state of uniforms during the AZW. But who or what was the Buzzler?
27th February 2005Dave Nolan
Martin, Will the person who answers your question get an acknowlwdgement in your upcoming book on WW Lloyd's sketches? Dave
27th February 2005John Young

Can you please describe what the soldier is wearing?

John Y.
27th February 2005Martin Everett
Dear John,

Just red tunic and overseas pattern helmet, but no buff equipment. The 140 images are currently being professionally scanned. I can send you this particular one once the scanning is complete. It is not one that we would expect to publish - BUT if there is an interesting story it would be nice to include it.

I regret I not the author so I am not in position to make that guarantee - it is only a minor image in a collection of 140. Some of people who have travelled miles in KZN locating the actual locations Lloyd used do need special recognition having been involved in this aspect of the research myself last November - I have learnt at first hand how hard this research has been and joy of pin pointing the true spot that Lloyd used.
27th February 2005John Young
Dear Martin,

Yes if you would not mind, hopefully my own computer will be back from its reprogramming by then, and I can open attachments to e-mails once again.

Try a website on 'buzzler' & 'slang', and see if you can make head or tail of what's there.

John Y.
27th February 2005John Young
For website please read web search!