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10th March 2005Medal and trip
By David Thomas
I have had in my possesion for a number of years a Zulu War medal with bar 1877-8-9 and inscribed to 1737 B Finch 1st Battalion 24th Foot. Can anybody help me trace the wherabouts of B Finch during the key dates of the Zulu War eg Islandwana? Also, I am in Capetwon in 2006 for a week, would it be possible to get to Rorkes Drift and back in 2 days? Via Durban? Thanks
10th March 2005Paul Cubbin
David - I would recommend a short flight (if your budget allows) as even a train journey to Durban would be pretty taxing and would leave little time or energy for exploring.
10th March 2005Martin Everett
Dear David,

Finch was most likely with D or G Companies of 1/24th at Helpmekaar on 22/23 January 1879 so was not involved in either Isandhlwana nor Rorke's Drift. The battlefields are at least 4 hours good drive from Durban. Give up Cape Town and spend the wek on the AZW battlefields.
11th March 2005Derek C
Without flying to Durban, it's close to impossible. Also, I would strongly suggest avoiding the "Tugela Ferry" route, and from a safety aspect, go via Ladysmith & Dundee. It'll add about 2 hours onto your trip, but it is far safer. If you do go through Tugela Ferry, watch out for the speed bumps near the town, they are vicious and unmarked (Dec. 2004) bounced my head off the roof!