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13th March 2005wagons......
By kieran
did the men at rorkes drift realy push the wagons over as an added defence did they realy do this?
13th March 2005Glenn Wade
There were three wagons at Rorke's Drift. One was Chard's Engineer's wagon which was abandoned by the rough stone cattle kraal and looted by the Zulus during the attack.

The other two were large Boer wagons, placed next to each other at the barricade between the hospital and storehouse. None of these wagons were overturned.

All the best
13th March 2005kieran
ok thx
17th March 2005Chris John
Tere would have been no point in wasting time to overturn them, so they stuffed the gaps with mealie bags.
Also, Glenn you have forgotten the water cart/waggon in the ouer perimeter that they had to send a re-con party to fetch in when they had retreated!