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21st March 2005Not Zulu related but a lovely item...
By Paul
Medal presented to Frank Beck Sandringham KIA 1915 - Museum piece, possibly given to Beck by Royal Family Item number: 6520346221
21st March 2005Paul
I should add that is an eBay lot number.
21st March 2005Martin Everett

Did not a member of the Beck family command the Sandringham Company in Gallipoli. TV programme on the subject?
21st March 2005Martin Everett
Captain Frank Reginald Beck MVO 5th Norfolks killed in action 12/8/1915 (played by actor David Jason) Two other Becks were killed in WW1 - Capt Arthur Evelyn Beck MC (19/4/1917) and Lt Albert Edward Alexander Beck (12/8/1915)
21st March 2005Geoff
Don't wish to be a spoil sport but it really doesn't seem that special.
22nd March 2005Andrew Garton
I think it is special! Thanks to both Paul and Martin I enjoyed looking at the auction! The bidding was last at a 175 quid!