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23rd March 2005Easy little test?
By Alan Critchley
You may want to try this little test of your knowledge.

23rd March 2005Paul Cubbin
Thanks Alan - I defy anyone not to take issue with at least one of the 'answers', though.
23rd March 2005Invader
Hmmmm I got 6 out of 10. Question 4 I disagree with I don't want to put a spoiler in this post though.
Great fun, perhaps a weekly pub quiz style event could be added to this site?
23rd March 2005Invader
I wonder what our resident historian got on the quiz? Eh Paul? Eh?
23rd March 2005Paul Cubbin
8/10 - I disagreed with the total defenders (which has never been totally confirmed) and the reason the Zulus withdrew (since they passed Chelmsford's column on the road I find it hard to believe that the sight of it scared them off - or they wouldn't have headed towards it!!).