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23rd March 2005ZULU 1963 'making of' by TV crew...
By Leigh Tarrant
Can anyone enlighten me on this little film that I sadly never got to see or read about. I believe it was a healthy 23 minutes?? Pity it couldn't have gone onto the ZULU DVD release a couple of years back. Was it b/w footage, was there any sound? Did it make any sense...Please enlighten, thankyou.
23rd March 2005Melvin Hunt
If you're referring to the film shown by Jay Pinto at Bristol then sadly both he and the film, according to Adrian Greaves, have gone missing.
It was black and white, no sound and I wish that I had made a copy when I had the chance to.
24th March 2005Martin Everett
There is an article about this footage on page 67 of Soldier Magazine - January 2003.