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27th March 2005Wages
By Trevor
Anyone know what the actors and extra's got payed for making ZULU?
I'll bet the clever ones took a % of the box office. And I'll bet Stanley Baker was one of them. He allways struck me as a very shrewd man. As well as a fine actor!!!!!
27th March 2005Paul Cubbin
The film industry was notoriously dodgy in the '60's and a lot of the cult movies of that time were surprise hits. Consequently there are several horror stories of naive actors/actresses losing millions of pounds over time by taking a wage instead of a percentage (most notably being Sean Connery who can apparently count his cash from the early Bond's in shillings).
30th March 2005Sheldon Hall
As co-producer, Stanley Baker was entitled to a percentage of the gross as well as an acting fee of £30,000 (the same fee as Jack Hawkins). As an indication of who else got what, Michael Caine claims to have got £4,000 and David Kernan (Hitch) a mere £750 (it was a low-budget film). The Zulu extras were paid about £36 each.
30th March 2005Trevor
Thanks for the info chaps.
3rd April 2005AMB
Weren't the Zulu extras paid by being given a watch?

4th April 2005Sheldon Hall