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3rd April 2005Another Book
By Chris
Don't get me wrong, I love reading lots of books about the AZW!
The book I'm referring to is a new book by some chap featured in an article a week or so ago; you may have read it?
Basically, he slags off Chard as being boring, lacking in motivation, ambition and drive and having very little personality. He was there by accident and 'fought like a rat to survive' rather than having sought valour with courage - hence the VC was not deserving?
Personally, I feel that the man was in charge that day and the end result speaks volumes. I wouldn't really care what he was like if he was my leiutenant as long as we came out alive!
He also says the awarding of 11 VCs for RD action was political spin. Bit harsh? Now, what gets me is that we have all read this before. Personally, I believe each man deserved their VC on that day, but yes, at first blush 11 is a lot of VCs and maybe there was some political angle to detract from Isandhlwana.
My point is...this guy comes along and writes a book, making money out of something we've all read about before, but really he's naysaying what happened on that day. Can't help thinking had he been standing on the firing step that day with 100 colleagues facing a charging enemy of 4000, that he would hold his tongue with the negativity. But then that's quite typical of this country, I find. Other nations are proud of their brave victories. This guy typifies the attitude of many in making RD seem unworthy of praise or acknowledgement.
I for one will not be buying it.
3rd April 2005Chris
ahhh well there you go you see *ahem* I apologise. That will teach me not to look at the other articles on this discussion forum before posting mine! Yes, Max Hastings it was in the Daily Mail.
As far as I can see no real expert on the AZW but cashing in nonetheless. "Jack of all trades, master of none" perchance?
Shame on him.
3rd April 2005Chris
oh that was the other thing...Max does NOT grasp the concept of 'impis'. I think he said 4000 impis attacked Rorke's Drift. T**T.
4th April 2005Invader
Max Hastings is popular! You mention though that we're not proud of brave victories; I feel that this is over simplifying things. We are all very very proud of what happened on the 22nd/23rd., it's good to hear both sides of History, it makes us ask questions. If Historians didn't ask questions they would just be storytellers.
Personally I think the two battles teach us two very important lessons in life: To never be overconfident, remain humble in everything and secondly that there is always some hope, even if things look awful.
4th April 2005Chris

No you misunderstand me. I know that the vast majority are extremely proud of our heroes. It's just that we are very adept at producing individuals who do-down things like this in order to make money. One of the reasons I can't abide people like the mentioned author. I don't care if he's respected either.