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4th April 2005Dead list of Isandhlwana and Company Commanders
By Colum O'Rourke
Is there a website or other reference relating to the Battalion dead at Isandhlwana including lower ranks. Has anyone got the names of the Company Commanders (Companies A-H) eg Bromhead- B Coy.
4th April 2005Coll

Try the book 'They Fell Like Stones : Battles and Casualties of the Zulu War, 1879' by John Young.

It has listings and is also well-illustrated.

4th April 2005Peter Ewart

By far the most complete and the most up-to-date (things can be changed by research!) is the latest edition of Julian Whybra's "England's Sons" which provides the name, rank, unit & number of every casualty and survivor at Isandlwana and R/Drift on the British side, together with a reference to every known eyewitness account which mentions an individual or an account left by an individual who was there. This goes for all colonials and, where known, for African allies and for the Zulus. Also includes notes on discrepancies, doubts, disputes, anomalies etc.

Avaiable from "Shop" on this site, to the left of this screen.

4th April 2005Tom Moore
Yup. Peter is right. Julians "England's Sons" is very impressive and perfect for what you want.
4th April 2005Peter Harman
No doubt Julian Whybra's book was mainly based on information out of They Fell like stones.By John.Young.
If in doubt bye both
5th April 2005Peter Ewart

I think you'll find that JY's book was a result of his own research & that JW's book is the result of his own research!

JW acknowledges JY for sharing information & anecdotes. Each are known to have been studying and researching the AZW for very many years (I would imagine around over 70 years combined?) and although both readily acknowledge assistance from others, I rather suspect that both of them might just raise an eyebrow at the suggestion that either of them had "based their information" on someone else's book!!!

Yes, buy both - for completely different reasons.

5th April 2005Colum
Thanks, great help.
5th April 2005Julian Whybra
Eyebrow dutifully raised!
6th April 2005Peter Harman
To make amends I purchased your book on the 4th April from this site.
Comments to follow after have read the book.
7th April 2005Julian Whybra
I hope you enjoy it - it is detailed and aimed at the researcher/historian rather than the casual reader so I hope it proves useful.
7th April 2005Peter Harman
Your Book or should I say my book (I paid for it) Arrived to day. Would have looked better in Hardback.
But never mind I have it so I will read it.
Comments to follow. (No doubt I hear you say)
8th April 2005Peter Weedon

Hardback books are expensive to produce and cannot be updated without a reprint. Subsequent to purchasing England's Sons last year I have received several updates - at no extra cost - from Julian which reflect new information since my copy was published. I have yet to come across another author being as generous.
8th April 2005Geoff
My copy of England's Sons arrived this morning - never seen anything better - learned several new things within 5 minutes of picking it up !
8th April 2005Peter Harman
Thanks Peter.
Point taken.
8th April 2005Julian Whybra
Well, Peter I hope you do find it useful - I did e-mail you directly with one important erratum in it. If you didn't receive this let me know and I'll post it here.
Hardbacks are expensive to produce and have a 'finality' which I did not want. I wanted to be able to update the work regularly with new information as I discovered it so that it remained constantly at the cutting edge of discovery. If others who have bought earlier editions (I'm currently on the 4th) would like updates to it, I'll happily e-mail these onward if they let me know their e-mail addresses. That said, if someone out there would like to fund a hardback edition...I won't object!
Incidentally I intend to produce A Ride for Life in the same format, so that it can added to.
10th April 2005Peter Harman
Sorry I did not recieve your E-Mail.
I have only had time to have a quick flick through your book.
I will spend sometime on it this week.
But I must say it looks like its going to make interesting reading.

11th April 2005Julian Whybra
The e-mail said there's one major mistyping error on p.15 Section K. Total Returns
Killed in action sub-total should read 1331.