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5th April 2005New Zulu venture!
By Colum O'Rourke
The reason I am asking all these questions is because I have to write a three hundred page book relating to any-time in History. I chose the AZW and especially the battle of Isandhlwana. There is not much reference relating to the battle here in Ireland but if and when it is completed it can be published. I would appreciate help from all you Zulu enthusiasts out there. If published this website will be acknowledged.

Thanks a million
5th April 2005Julian whybra
There is much that you can read and decide for yourself on this period and battle. I do not think that you have made the correct approach. Asking others for help and then writing of publishing under your own name does not quite gel. Or will you donate the proceeds to the RRW museum?
5th April 2005Colum O'Rourke
Hi, you are right. But it is hard to find detailed information concerning the battle of Isandhlwana. Thanks for your reply
5th April 2005AMB

I would suggest that the Battle of Isandhlwana is easily found on a Google search to begin with. Your local library will also be able to locate at least 15 books already published, most very detailed.
I would also suggest a plane ticket to Durban to visit the actual ground over which you are going to devote some much of your time. Might I further suggest a visit to Martin at the RRW Museum in Brecon, followed by a visit to the National Army Museum in Chelsea?
Good luck!
7th April 2005Julian whybra
Re detailed annotated info on Isandhlwana you can do no better than getting Hill of the Sphinx by FW David Jackson from your library of for your birthday (see the shop on this website).
7th April 2005Colum O'Rourke
Thanks Julian. I shall have a look.