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5th April 2005Who was Orderly Hall?
By Colum O'Rourke
Who was Mister Hall? Was he a member of Shepherd's medical team at Isandhlwana or was he part of another unit? Thanks

5th April 2005Glenn Wade
Considering that you are planning to possibly publish your work on Isandlwana, I would advise purchasing some of the books available that include primary sources and useful info. Asking people who use this site isn't going to get you very far. Do some of your own research and it should pay off. If you need any help for finding books or museum contacts, e-mail me and I'll do my best to assist.
All the best
5th April 2005Colum O'Rourke
Thanks Glenn. I'll do that
5th April 2005John Young

I think you are referring to Lieutenant of Orderlies Arthur William Hall, Army Hospital Corps - again buy, beg or lend from the library 'The South African Campaign of 1879', as I advised on your question relating to Peter Shepherd.

John Y.
5th April 2005Alan Critchley
I have been unable to contact you via your email, messages are returned. Could you please contact me to avoid deletion.

Website Author
6th April 2005Colum
Sorry Alan. I have not used my e-mail in some time. It may be useless. I shall try and reorganise a new e-mail address and I'll get back to you. Thanks for telling me