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9th April 2005"Zulu": With Some Guts Behind It
By Robert
Rumour has it that this long awaited book will be published the end of this month. Can Sheldon confrm this?
11th April 2005Sheldon Hall

End of NEXT month is more likely. The book is entering its final stages of pre-publication preparation and will be out just as soon as the designer and printers can complete their work! It will probably be available online only for the first month or so, then from the regular bookshops. My publishers will send a press release to this website when it's ready.

12th April 2005Tony Jones.
hello Robert and Sheldon,
i too have been awaiting eagerly for the arrival of this much anticipated book.If you log onto you can see a preview of the cover,and i hope that this whets all would be purchasers appetites.After the Saul David and Max Hastings efforts it will be nice to plant our feet firmly on the ground again,back in reality.If Sheldon's commentary on the Zulu DVD was anything to go by this book should be a cracker.Also as a side note relative to other issues on this site,Sheldon,even with a busy schedule found time to reply to my letters when i wrote to him at Hallam University when i was researching 593.All the best.

12th April 2005Peter D.

Any plans to distribute your book in the U.S., or will us ZULU fans on the other side of the Atlantic need to order it from the U.K.?
12th April 2005Sheldon Hall
Many thanks for your kind remarks. I hope the book on't disappoint!

The book should be available in the US as an import, but it will probably be quicker to order it directly online. The publisher's website is at, where you can ask to be notified as soon as it is ready.

BTW, the book cover there and on is an earlier draft: the revised version is on Amazon at Which is better, do you think?!

12th April 2005Tony Jones.
Dear Sheldon and fellow contributors,
yes,the Amazon picture is the better of the two and has far more impact.The picture on amzon captures a particular 'essence' of the film which stuck in my mind when i first saw the picture in 1964/5.As a small child the clearness of the blue sky in S.A. amazed me(as oppossed to the overcast blanket of thick cloud that usually covers Manchester!).The image on amazon re-invokes that sense of wonder,as it also features the large 'Zulu' caption,the first item i remember from initially sitting down to watch the film.The caption reminded me of the one featured on 'Bonanza' which sort of draws you in and grabs your attention.The picture of Sir Michael subjugating the Zulu also portrays the theme of 'struggle' which the defender's had to overcome;was Sir Michaels permission needed to feature him on the cover.Well,there's two copies pre-ordered,one for me and one for my dad(ex-paras).The second version of the cover alone is worth an article about its compilation.All the best.

12th May 2005Michael Boyle
$32.97 at (US) "usually ships in one to two months"! Sorry Sheldon, no pics on it yet but they have at least one pre-order!

How about an update by the authors of our other anxiously awaited publications?


15th May 2005Peter D.
Yes, I pre-ordered it from Amazon (US) a few weeks ago when I noticed their listing. Seemed worth the long wait to get the free shipping. But it looks as though we're all going to have to wait a bit longer -- the Tomahawk website is now showing Sheldon's book coming out in July.