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10th April 2005Natal Horse
By Graham Alexander
I am attempting to work my way through the various Colonial units who served the Crown during the period 1877-9. Many of the units confusingly changed their titles with great regularity. The one which I am currently struggling with is the Natal Horse. They were known by this name during 1877-8 and then they became Bettington's Horse in 1879. There also appears to be references to the Natal Light Horse. Can anyone tell me if this is a completely seperate unit or just yet another name for the Natal Horse?
10th April 2005John Young

The Natal Horse were raised in February, 1879, from the former n.c.o.'s of the disbanded 3rd N.N.C. The unit was divided into three troops; No. 1 Troop under de Burgh; No. 2 Troop under Cooke & here's where you've got confused No. 3 Troop under Bettington.

No. 3 Troop was also known as "Bettington's Horse", but having said that the same appears to have applied to the other troops using their commandant's name as well.

No. 1 Troop were disbanded in September, 1879; No 2 Troop in July 1879 & No. 3 Troop in October, 1879. No.'s 1 & 2 Troops served with the 1st Division & No. 3 with the 2nd Division.

The Natal Light Horse were raised in March of 1879, from the troop of the Frontier Light Horse which had been recruited in Natal in late 1878.

I hope that helps?

John Y.
11th April 2005Graham Alexander
Thanks John

How did I just know that it would be you who came up with the definitive answer. For the umpteenth time I am endebted to you. Now that just leaves about 185 more units to sort out !

11th April 2005John Young

No problem, just keep them coming!

John Y.