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11th April 2005Col. Durnford Portrait Photograph Enlargement
By Coll
I'm looking for to frame a large photograph of Col. Durnford, R.E. on a main wall, of the head and shoulders portrait most commonly seen of him in AZW titles, but not actually of the full cabinet photograph it is taken from.

Is it possible to obtain such an image, approximately half-poster size or something similar, to give the effect I'm wanting when it is framed and positioned on a main wall ?

I'm unsure about copyright issues etc., but I do think it would look great.

11th April 2005Paul Cubbin
Coll - there are internet companies who can download popular images and print them to poster size. I'd go with one of them.
11th April 2005Coll

Thanks for your reply.

I'm sure to enlarge a photograph you would need the original to copy from, or otherwise, I think, the details of the image would sort of break up and lose definition.

I'm not sure if this particular portrait photograph of Col. Durnford is readily available for people to be able to copy it, although I can't be sure.

I was hoping that there was a possibility of an image of the above in the larger format, being available to order, as I don't think it would be possible to obtain a poster-size print from a photograph in a book - copyright, etc.

Anyway, it was worth a try.

11th April 2005John Young

You're welcome to use my one if it will work off of the Durnford link.

John Y.
11th April 2005Coll

Thankyou very much.

It would be fantastic if it did work, as it is an excellent photograph and to have a good quality poster-size enlargement of it in a frame, would really stand out on a main wall.

I'll need to check around for any companies that are able to do it.

Thanks again

16th April 2005Coll
Just a quick message.


Thanks for the advice. I've found a company that might be able to supply a poster-size print of the image.


I appreciate you letting me use the portrait of Col. Durnford.

Hopefully I'll be able to order it in the next week or so, and I'll let you both know how it looks.