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13th April 2005St. George's Day
By Alan Critchley
Of course you all know it's on the 23rd April (only 10 days left to prepare your festivities). Did you know that there is a poll asking if we should make it a public holiday, in England only of course.

You can cast your vote at

Bit off topic but, what the hell!

13th April 2005Peter Ewart

Celebrate our national day? Even have a whole day off? What next!!! Whatever would become of our reputation for English reserve and understatement? (If it still survives, that is).

Surely it is for lesser nations (& provinces and principalities) to act immodestly and draw attention to themselves by showing off? :-)


:-) (That's another one just in case!)
13th April 2005Alan Critchley
don't worry about time off, it's on a Saturday anyway.

Managed to think of that old boy!

13th April 2005Andy Lee
Ha ha ha quite a reply Peter, do you not think England, as a nation, has lost it's corporate identity? and do you not think celebrating St George's day in such a manner, would be a step back in the right direction ?

Furthermore, can anyone tell me why Sir Clive has picked 20 Englishmen from a very poor England rugby team to represent the Lions in the forthcoming tour of New Zealand ? Is this not just a classic case of the said English reserve ?

All the best boys

13th April 2005Paul Cubbin
Andy - you read my mind.

I ask you, Balshaw, Dawson, Hodgson, Grewcock, Kay?
Try Morgan (or Paterson), Ellis (or Blair), Humphreys, Cockbain, Sidoli. Unfortunately the game has moved on and 'Johnson's boys' belong to yesterday.

6 Nations standings read Wales 1st, Ireland 3rd, England 4th and Scotland 5th.
So of course Wales has 10 players, Ireland 11, England 20 and Scotland 3! Eh? A sad cop-out if you ask me and not within the proud spirit and traditon of excellence that the Lions represent. I just hope the test team is a little less biased.

Alan - I'll agree to support St George's day if you support St David's - deal?
13th April 2005Martin Boyle
St. George? The recent usurper? Wasn't St. Edmund the original patron saint of England?
14th April 2005L.J.Knight
TheA.Z.W.please gentlemen.regards..L.J.Knight
14th April 2005Andy Lee
L J Knight

Please tell me, it is optional whether you read a thread, certain topics will interest one whilst not another, so why do people bother to moan about issues which do not interest them, surely it takes less effort to just pass them by- or is it certain people just like moaning?