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13th April 2005oversight
By kieran
how many of u belive that the battle of rorkes drift was and oversight to the on at isdlhwana if so plz say asd y also do u tihnk that the britiosh army would of won if chelmsford had of stad there with hes troops
13th April 2005Paul Cubbin
Kieran, I can say without any doubt that I haven't got a clue what the above post is meant to say. It may just be me, but please could you write it a little clearer so it can be understood?
13th April 2005Martin Boyle
An oversight? As I understand it, the Zulus who attacked Rorke's Drift did so because they had not taken part at Isandlwana. They crossed the river to gain loot and glory.

If Chelmsford had kept his force together the Zulus may not have attacked, but if they had they would have had a harder time of it.