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14th April 2005ZULU DAWN DVD

Does anyone know if Zulu Dawn will ever be released in the Unied States?? I have Zulu, but am still waiting to buy a copy of Zulue Dawn.


14th April 2005Neil aspinshaw
there are zillions of copies on ebay, also try amazon also.
14th April 2005Colum
I had the same problem. I could not find it anywhere in Ireland. It was so annoying and I contimplated buying it on ebay but one day, unexpectedly i came across it. Just search every DVD retail store in your area. If you fail to find any, take Neil's advice. Good Luck!
14th April 2005KEITH WILKINSON
I presume Glenn was enquiring about a Region 1 version for NTSC, as the versions on e-bay are only Region 2 for PAL. Maybe OK if you have a player that can convert PAL DVDs to play on a US tv.
14th April 2005stephen mann
What actually happened with ZULU DAWN? It used to be one of the few videos every shop had back in the early days of VHS but from about 1989 it was totally imposible to obtain it anywhere. I rented it in Australia in 1990 but was then unable to find a copy until 1999, which was pretty irritating since I's become very interested in the subject in the meantime
14th April 2005John Young

Have you got any freinds north of the border? Sorry former border - EU states et al.

'Zulu Dawn' is currently in HMV stores for £3.99 in their present sale. You should be able to find it on line with them, but it is a question of looking, again.

John Y.
15th April 2005John Young

It is there on:
18th April 2005GLENN STACY
Sorry about not being more specific. It IS region 1 that I am looking for and I honestly don't think it is available. I will keep on hoping that it will be released one day in the near future.
18th April 2005Michael Boyle

According to Sheldon ZD is in copyright limbo in the States so the only way to see it is the old VHS or buy a region 'none' DVD player (search "all region DVD player" but be careful as they sometimes don't work with some DVD specific encoding schemes.)