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14th April 2005Natal Carbineer Uniform epaulettes
By Andy Williams
Can anyone help me with the details of the epaulettes (this is one of those words i can never spell correctly!) which would have been worn on the uniform of an officer ( Lt Scott / Captain Shepstone) of the Natal Carbineers in 1879. In addition, details of Victorian rank insignia - colours etc - would be wonderful.

Many thanks
14th April 2005John Young

The Natal Carbineers wore a twisted white shoulder cord, which affixed to a small white metal button of regimental design.

Rank insignia has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, try a search. Scott would have worn an embroided crown & Shepstone a crown & star.

John Y.
14th April 2005Andy Williams

Thanks very much. I got the info on the rank insignia as well.
15th April 2005Mike Snook

The Natal Carbineers are still in existence as a volunteer unit in the SANDF and (I believe) have a museum in Pietermaritzburg which you might be able to correspond with. Perhaps one of our South African contributors can confirm this and provide an address or an e-mail. I had the privilege of laying wreaths to the fallen of both sides at Isandlwana on the 125th Anniversary, alongside the Commanding Officer (the South Africans say Officer Commanding) and RSM of the Carbineers. It certainly brought a tear to my eye to be representing my regiment alongside our old friends.


15th April 2005Andy Williams
Thanks for that info. Actually, I AM a member of the Carbineers, holding the rank of Sergeant. I was involved in the 1999 (120th) commemorations at Isandhlwana with the RRW as well as taking part in the parade for the opening of the museum. If any are interested, the Regimental web site address is: Just a point of interest, the Commanding Officer of the Regiment is Lt. Col. K. Lowe. When the Regiment is commanded by an officer who is not the Colonel, he would be the Officer Commanding (such as Capt Shepstone in 1879!)
19th April 2005Mike Snook

Limitations of the internet! It's a pleasure to 'meet' anyway, even if it is only electronically.

You might be interested to know that Durrant Scott and his boys feature with considerable distinction in 'How Can Man Die Better' which my publisher tells me will hit the streets in September this year.

Regards to all the Carbs.