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15th April 2005 zulu war museums
By Andrew Bush
I will be in London for a day(Sunday 24th) later on in April on my way to Zurich from Australia.Can anyone advise me of the best place or places to visit on the Zulu war , I have about 6 hours
15th April 2005Gordon Harris
The National Army Musuem would be worth a visit - has some Zulu War exhibits - web site is

Open on Sunday and free to get in!
15th April 2005Mike Snook

Yes, NAM is the place for you - well worth a trip as Gordon says. Look out for the original C E Fripp's painting Last Stand of the 24th at Isandlwana - magnificent. Museum is nice and central, one street back from the Chelsea embankment, next to the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. the 24th Monument to the men who fell at Chillianwallah (2nd Sikh War 1849) is in the grounds of the Royal Hospital. For WWI and WW2 try the Imperial War Museum - website easily located with directions and so on. Have a great time in London - be advised that Heathrow is some way out of town, so with only 6 hours to spare - you will need to plan public transport connections very closely - or pay an arm and a leg for taxis. Don't miss the plane!


15th April 2005AMB

The NAM is the place for you. Great place to visit, but Mike is correct in making sure that you watch your clock - time does fly there!


16th April 2005Ian
Andrew, to add to the above - the National Army Museum has an event weekend, 23rd-24th April, the Zulu war features in it. Including weapons & equipment of the British soldier on campaign in the land of the Zulu!
16th April 2005Andrew Bush
Yes last year I visited london on a business trip and went to the Imperial War Museum thinking I would see the Zulu War but ended up seeing WW1 & 2. thanks for the advise
16th April 2005L.J.Knight
and Andrew the N.A.M. also house's the painting commisioned by Napoleon the third of the battle of Ulundi,i think his original conception was for the painting to be constructed as a 360% panarama which would be viewed in the 'round' expense vetoed that,but,what remains is routhly 4 feet wide by thirty feet.but as like with most paintings(90ish%) they become more clearer the more you step back,the complete opposite is in fact true of the Fripp,the closer you get the more detail becomes staggeringly in to view,was there a few months ago it is so easy to find 20min walk from Waterloo.av a great time buddy. regards L.J.Knight.
17th April 2005Julian Whybra
Napoleon III?? Hardly! He died in 1873.
18th April 2005L.J.Knight
so sorry Julian,and after reading David Duffs book as recently as last year,would you be so kind as to put me out of my misery and tell me with your usual brevity the circumstances of the commision,i am away from home at the moment.regards L.J.Knight
23rd April 2005Mike McCabe
Simple truth is that remarkably few AZW-related items/sites are quickly accessible on a shortb visit to London. Wise therefore to visit thye National Army Museum, and those specific sites identified by Mike Snook. If permission is gained (and opportunity allows) suggest you attend the Church Service in the Royal Hospital Chapel, thenn ask a Chelsea Pensioner to accompany you to the various 'Chelsea' sites and memorials. If you are kind and courteous, and it's impossible to believe that you might act otherwise, then this might lead to an invitation to see some other parts of The Royal Hospital - though that must be earned.