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16th April 2005Check out this guy!
By Paul Cubbin
Have a look at this comedian on eBay, guys, lot number 6525915451 - hand painted 'Lt Melville & Coghill' - Zulu War 1879, original picture. Not exactly a master criminal at work methinks.
16th April 2005Steve Moore
Hi Paul, think they are hiding behind the big Zulu at the back !
Cheers Steve Moore
17th April 2005big ron
well i had to ask him about the age of this picture and who painted it. the answer's being,'s very old, and,..;c.e.fripp. i also asked for proof of these but none was forthcoming. you can make your own mind up.
i think i might ask him how he came by it.
17th April 2005Paul Cubbin
Well at least he could read the name of the original artist!
18th April 2005Neil Raaff
"This A Great Militaria Antic..."

I thought the term most frequently used was disaster.

Or maybe he means antique?