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18th April 2005Witnessing an AZW incident or participant's role
By Coll
Along the same sort of lines as my recent topic, without any danger to yourself in the battlefield.

Who would you like to have witnessed in any of the AZW battles, regarding the role they played, the conversations and the movements they made during that specific fight ?

Or/and what incident (not the whole battle) during any of the AZW battles, maybe an event that details have always been unclear about to historians and enthusiasts alike ?

For example - I would like to have witnessed Captain Shepstone's participation in the battle at Isandlwana, from the discovery of the Zulus, to finding out exactly, how he ended up in a last stand on the west side of the mountain - Was he ordered to hold this position to delay the right horn ? Did he take the initiative, maybe because he couldn't find any of the senior officers ? Or was he and the others pursued towards this location by the encircling warriors ?

18th April 2005Chris John
Id love to meet the man in the cave of the 24th up on the mountain. Id sit here and watch the whole battle unfurl beneath me, and then meet the man who got that far, and lead him out. If i cant get into any harm, then surely if i defend him he'll live. He would ahve seen everything in the last parts of the battle.
18th April 2005Tony Ashford
i would have liked to have seen the end of Younghusband. Did he really shake hands with the men with him and did the Zulu really stand back to let him? And did he really charge them when the ammunition ran out? All quite fascinating!
19th April 2005Coll
An incident I would like to have witnessed, would be the discovery of the Zulu army in the valley near to Isandlwana.

What a sight that must have been !

Also, the fighting retreat made by Col. Durnford and the N.N.H.