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22nd April 2005Cpl Scheiss VC Memorial !
By Andy Lee
I know there is a memorial to Cpl Scheiss at Brecon but does anyone know if there are any memorials to Cpl Scheiss in Switzerland, I'm sure I read it somewhere that there was but can not find anything.

22nd April 2005Martin Everett
Dear Andy,
I am not aware of a memorial to Cpl Scheiss VC in Brecon - and I am there most days!

You obviously do not have local knowledge - there is however a memorial plaque to Cpl Scheiss in the replacement hospital building at RD. It was placed there by Ian Knight.
23rd April 2005Melvin Hunt
If I remember correctly, the plaque at RD says "this is his only memorial".
25th April 2005Andy Lee
Thank you Melvin

I was aware that there was one memorial out there but thought I had read somewhere that there was another one in Switzerland, I was wrong so thanks for your constructive assistance.